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HVAC System Repair Dubai

HVAC (stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and also called Chilled water air conditioning systems, In this process the ordinary water (which is the part of the cooling process) is chilled to very low temperatures by the chilled refrigeration system and after that this cool water is push to many floors of the building by the pipes. In each room of the floor the air handling units are installed, which passes the cool air into the room, floor or the whole building. The condenser unit is usually installed on the roof, basement or outside the building.

Central Air Conditioning System

HVAC air conditioning systems commonly use in a place where whole large building such as offices, factories, shopping center, hospitals, airport etc., comprising of several floors are to be air conditioned. Today residential and commercial both are using this system to air conditioned the whole building.

HVAC air conditions system always needs some skilled and professional maintenance and there are many repairs and maintenance problems that you can easily handle by yourself. But if your air conditioning system still not working properly then you need to call the expert who Looks for the problem you're having, and implement better and long term solutions.


Our engineers and technicians are intensively trained to handle all types of Air-Conditioning & HVAC equipment's all building Maintenance works.

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Whether you need

  • Installation
  • Repairing
  • Maintenance
  • Cleaning Service
  • Compressor Overhauling
  • Motor Pump Overhauling
  • Control Panel Repairing
  • Gas Refilling
  • Brazing
  • Condenser Fan Motor & Water Pump Repairing


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