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 Faisal Ali Juma Technical Services LLC provide most reliable AC Service in Dubai.

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We know your time is valuable doing your business and it can be nerve-racking to have an AC breakdown. Leave this job to us professionals to repair and maintain your AC whether it be home or commercial. We do assure the best AC Service in Dubai

AC Repair
AC Repair | AC Service | FAJ Services

When you choose us to repair your air condition systems, you can be sure to have made the best choice. As we are providing the best AC Service in Dubai

AC Preventive Maintenance
AC Service | AC Repair | AC Maintenance | FAJ Services

We can offer you a Planned Preventative Maintenance program to suit your needs which will ensure that your air conditioners are always working at optimum performance levels. The regular and reliable AC Service in Dubai is very essential

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We provide AC Service in Dubai from 9 am to 7 pm every weekday and an out of hours services at our client’s request.

When the warmer seasons roll around, you can only ever do so much to keep cool. You can circulate air in your home or workplace by opening a window or two, of course. But is that really the best way to filter out and replenish the atmosphere from room to room? Air Con can be vital to a business / home. Faults or break-down can massively affect the atmosphere of your workplace, shop, office, restaurant, home and may need immediate repair. Simply Faisal Ali Juma offers a comprehensive AC Service in Dubai on the same day, should this happen. We are experienced experts in the repair of all types and brands of air conditioning units.

When the temperature soars and you have air conditioner system faults, we are here to save your day. We have trained and professional technical teams to provide you a reliable AC Service in Dubai.


Routine inspections of your Air Condition Installation, repair, maintenance & repairs, fix service is extremely important to ensure your unit’s efficiency, we are trained and qualified to maintain all type, makes, model and sizes Domestic Ac & Commercial air conditioner & Ventilation System.


When it comes to AC Service in Dubai, You Only Want to Bring Professional, Trust worthy Servicemen into Your Home or Place of Business.

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Common Air Conditioner Problems

At Faisal Ali Juma, we’ve seen it all. We’re frequently called for a reliable AC Service in Dubai:

  • The air conditioner won’t turn on.
  • Weird noises or vibrating occur at startup or during operation.
  • Warm air exits the supply registers.
  • The unit hums, but the fan doesn’t turn on.
  • The fan runs, but the compressor isn’t working.
  • Water is pooling around the air conditioner.
  • Faulty spare part need to replace

If you believe your air conditioning unit requires emergency service call us now 043300002 for information about our AC service in Dubai.

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Keep your home or business place comfortable with the most reliable AC Service in Dubai.

We are expert in Ac Service in Dubai | Central Ac Service| Ducted Split Ac Service| HVAC | Package unit Ac | Centralize Ac Service| CHW FCU Fan Coil Unit Ac | Window Ac Service | Cassette Type Ac | Portable Ac | Wall Mounted Ac | Ceiling Ac | VRV Variable Refrigerant Volume Ac | VRF Variable refrigerant flow Ac | Multi Split | AHU | FAHU

Cooling and Heating

Stay comfortable all year round

Better air quality

Reduce humidity, pollen and dust

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Protect your property

Prevent damage to electronics and furnishings

Quiet and secure

No need to leave windows open