We Keep Customers Comfortable With Reliable AC Services in Al Barsha South Dubai

We Keep Customers Comfortable With Reliable AC Services in Al Barsha South Dubai

Get 20% DISCOUNT on General Service of 3 to 5 AC units

Cost Technical Inspection Fee

Central AC - Split AC - HVAC

Price Starting From 159.00 AED

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Cost AC Cleaning Services

Chilled Water FCU AC

Price Starting From 185.00 AED

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Cost Home AC / Office AC Unit Servicing

Central AC & Split AC 1.5 to 3.5 Ton

Price Starting From 225.00 AED

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Cost Home AC / Office AC Unit Servicing

Central & Split 4.0 to 5.3 Ton

Price Starting From 325.00 AED

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Cost Commercial AC Unit Servicing

Central AC & Duct Split AC 6.0 to 10 Ton

Price Starting From 459.00 AED

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Cost VRV & VRF AC Unit Servicing

2.0 to 5.0 Ton

Price Starting From 380.00 AED

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Easy, fast and professional ac maintenance services in Dubai for residential and commercial units.

We understand the importance of arriving on site promptly when an air conditioning failure affecting the vital systems has occurred, and people are relying upon it. We have expert, and experienced air con repair technician’s that ensure the best AC Maintenance Services in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We will also provide AC Maintenance Services in Dubai even if we did not install them. In 2010, 89% of our callouts resulted in the successful repair of failed units on our first visit. We also offer a warranty on every repair we undertake.

When the temperature soars and you have air conditioner system faults, we are here to save your day. We have trained and professional technical teams to serve you..

Are you residing in the Al Barsha South area of Dubai? and seeking an excellent AC service in Al Barsha South at your villa, showroom, hotel, or your business setting? Then, this piece of information is for you. As we all know that Al Barsha South is a quiet residential and commercial developmental area of Dubai and is known as the Mall of the Emirates. Furthermore, vast shopping complexes with fashion chains, global restaurants, hotels, and department stores are there in Al Barsha South. Similarly, all major commercial hubs, rentals, villas, showrooms, shops, etc are predominantly present there. And, certainly, all these residential and business units require adequate air conditioning.

When it comes to Air Conditioner installation service, You Only Want to Bring Professional, Trustworthy Servicemen into Your Home or Place of Business.

AC Repair Services in Dubai, UAE

Breathe Fresh With Professionally Top-Tier AC Service In Al Barsha South

We all use air con of various brands at our homes, villas, apartments, shops, malls, and showrooms. Air conditioner be it of any brand, type, or size routine comprehensive maintenance is indispensable to prevent any unexpected faults in it. Moreover, attaining excellent aircon servicing comes with a plethora of advantages including potentially longer life span, greater reliability, and high energy saving. For top-notch Ac service in Al Barsha South, you can count on FAJ Technical Services L.L.C. the highly-reputable company in providing exhaustive repairs and maintenance at a quite affordable rate.

How Do I Know If My Air Condition Need To Be Serviced?

Well, many people might have this question: how would they know if their A/c needs servicing? These Visible indications will help you to understand that your air conditioning unit is in desperate need of service. In your villa, or flat if there is a magnificent cool fresh environment you can enjoy your daily life activities and spend quality time with your loved ones. A survey demonstrated that we spend 95% time indoors therefore, it must be hygienically pleasant in all seasons. Likewise, hospitality units (hotels, restaurants, cafes) and commercial premises ought to be equipped with satisfying, well-functioning cooling systems. So, employees may feel productive, and visitors and shoppers can feel comfortable and more welcomed. Signs such as:

  • Little or humid air is coming out of the vents
  • Loud strange noise comes from A/C while it is operating
  • Problems with air con are occurring frequently
  • Rising electric bills
  • The unusual odor comes from the air conditioner
  • Faulty thermostat
  • The air conditioning system is blowing warm air
  • Short cycles (Ac is turning off and on frequently)
  • Ac is leaking

When you experience any of these faults within your central air conditioning. Without any more delay, communicate with an expert AC service company in Al Barsha South. If you ask us, with a single call our Ac service specialist will reach your place and help you right away.

Tune-Ups Prolong The Life Expectancy Of Your Cooling System – AC Service In Al Barsha South

Get your centralised air conditioner run at its peak with efficient and effective tune-ups. During tune-ups, our technical professional will take a closer investigation of the cooling system to ensure it is working appropriately. What’s more, our highly skilled technicians will provide your air con be it of any type and brand exceptional service and back their tune-up with top-of-the-line satisfaction. We always go the extra mile to give more beyond your expectations. Our tune-ups include but are not limited to:

Lubricating parts: our specialists lubricate all parts of the system. When your cooling system does not get enough lubrication, friction from moving parts can eventually stop the efficient functioning of your inverter.

Tightening electric connections: our experts carefully check if all electric connections are in the right position because this plays a vital role in the working of the air con.

Change or clean the air filter: Replacing the air filter after every few months is mandatory for your A/c to work expeditiously. You do not need to worry about that, during inspection, our skilled tech will replace the air filter if it is too filthy or has holes in it. Moreover, if you have pets at home or someone in your household has allergies.

Examine system controls: This is done to make sure your air conditioning is starting, running, and shutting down appropriately.

Cleaning the evaporator coil and condenser coil: Over time these essential coils get dirty which inhibits sufficient airflow and potential to absorb heat. Our techs are pros in cleansing them as well.

Condensate drain line cleaning: Mold, and mildews develop because of dirt, and debris in the condensate drain line. Thus, clogs the flow of proper air and dissipation of heat which can cause leaks. We clean that too so, your air conditioner does not have to bear any issues ever.

Straightening aluminum fins: Aluminum fins on coils can bend and restrict airflow. So, their servicing is crucial too.

For air conditioning service at your commercial site and residential site feel free to connect with us. Our repairmen, specialists of AC service in Al Barsha South are present the entire week to assist you. So, you can get your air condition appointment scheduled at your convenient time and day.

Various Air Conditioners We Provide Servicing At Al Barsha South

  • Inverter
  • Centralized air conditioning
  • Ceiling (wall-mounted)
  • Ducted aircon
  • HVAC
  • Split air conditioner
  • VRV
  • VRF
  • Package unit
  • AHU (Air handling unit)
  • FHU (Fresh air handling unit)

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For your flat, villa, showroom, shop, or business site you can comfortably lean on us regarding AC service in Al Barsha South. Do not delay more and achieve the pleasant environment indoors that your heart desires.


15 to 20 years is the lifespan of air conditioning. And, adequate service increases it.

R22, R12, and R410A are refrigerants commonly used in air cons.

A heat pump or part of an air con that absorbs heat from the air in the room.

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AC Repair Services in Dubai, UAE


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