We Keep Customers Comfortable With Reliable AC Services in Al Wasl Dubai

We Keep Customers Comfortable With Reliable AC Services in Al Wasl Dubai

Get 5% to 10% DISCOUNT on General Service of 3 to 5 AC units

Technical Inspection Fee 1 to 3 AC units

Central AC - Split AC - HVAC

Price Starting From 157.00 AED

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Cost AC Cleaning Services

Chilled Water FCU AC

Price Starting From 210.00 AED

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Cost Home AC / Office AC Unit Servicing

Central AC & Split AC 1.5 to 3.5 Ton

Price Starting From 235.00 AED

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Cost Home AC / Office AC Unit Servicing

Central & Split 4.0 to 5.0 Ton

Price Starting From 365.00 AED

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Cost Commercial AC Unit Servicing

Central AC & Duct Split AC 6.0 to 10 Ton

Price Starting From 489.00 AED

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Cost VRV & VRF AC Unit Servicing

2.0 to 5.0 Ton

Price Starting From 380.00 AED

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Easy, fast and professional ac maintenance services in Dubai for residential and commercial units.

We understand the importance of arriving on site promptly when an air conditioning failure affecting the vital systems has occurred, and people are relying upon it. We have expert, and experienced air con repair technician’s that ensure the best AC Maintenance Services in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We will also provide AC Maintenance Services in Dubai even if we did not install them. In 2010, 89% of our callouts resulted in the successful repair of failed units on our first visit. We also offer a warranty on every repair we undertake.

Al Wasl is a residential and commercial thriving community, known for its highly peaceful, quiet vibe with an abundance of family-friendly amenities. In recent years, this area has featured chic boutiques, trendy restaurants, and high-fashion shopping malls. Furthermore, villas, shops, showrooms, and much more. All these residential and retail units require high quality, cool indoor airflow for a pleasant stay at the villa and high-yielding sales by attracting more customers at shops, showroom etc. Therefore, it is always recommended to get your air conditioner serviced regularly because a minor fault in it can disrupt the overall working capacity of the system. Imagine a lot of customers are present at your shop and all of a sudden the air con stops working. This will greatly leave a bad impression on buyers and they will quickly lose interest and trust in you. So, if you do not want to ever experience all these unwanted problems then let a professional company be at your side. To get prompt help for AC services in Al Wasl, you can simply call us.

AC Repair Services in Dubai, UAE

Professional Services For Optimal Cooling Comfort – AC Services in Al Wasl

Are you tired of feeling uncomfortable and hot in your villa, feeling lazy and unproductive in the office, despite having the air condition on full blast? The culprit may be poor air flow which might be due to a filthy air filter, a defect in the condenser coil, or any internal error. This happens because of no maintenance and a lack of optimal servicing. The operation of an air conditioner entirely depends upon service and maintenance. A no serviced cooling system will only work for a maximum of 1 to 2 years and will start showing signs. Such as insufficient cooling, unusual consistent sound from the A/c unit, unpleasant odor coming from air con vents and other symptoms will keep indicating that the system is not in a good condition. Call FAJ for professional AC services in Al Wasl to achieve optimum cooling comfort.

Prompt Solutions For Urgent Cooling Needs

A sudden breakdown of your air conditioning is nothing but a nightmare and we all never want to experience it ever. To minimize the downtime of your business and to lessen the discomfort in your sleep, air condition must go through emergency fixing. The need for urgent repairs will never occur if only you try to get your system serviced routinely. However, when an error pops up do not get upset instead communicate with us and let our specialists handle the situation. Moreover, for your urgent cooling requirement, we are your prime choice and the most convenient one on which you can rely any day. Let’s dive into the significance of emergency air condition repairing, don’t let a broken climate control ruin your mood.

Prevent further damage to the system

When an air conditioning system experiences a malfunction, ignoring or putting off necessary fixing can only exacerbate problems that result in damage. For instance, a minor refrigerant leak can lead to an entire system breakdown if not addressed on time. The focus of urgent repairs is to prevent further damage and catch the issue while it is starting by providing timely repairs and maintenance. Our skillful techs take swift air con action by providing quick troubleshooting, and comprehensive maintenance. This prevents the escalation of issues, reduces overall repair costs, and prolongs the life span of the cooling system.

A detailed dealing of malfunctions and failures

Another benefit you get is, with an urgent fix your system goes through exhaustive attention to be treated against failures and malfunctions which are trying to discontinue the cooling ability of the air con. Subtropical climate can pose health risks to vulnerable population such as the elderly, children, and toddlers wherefore, they must be delivered appropriate pleasant air quality indoors. So, for fast help get in touch with us and right away book your appointment with us for the best and fast AC services in Al Wasl.

Why Us?

When it comes to the most trusted, quick, and top-quality AC services in Al Wasl everyone looks towards FAJ. We never compromise with quality and always strive to deliver to our customers beyond their expectations. Additionally, our experts are top-trained and use state-of-the-art tools to eliminate any faults within climate control. Forget the mess and enjoy excellence with us.


You can get in touch with us at +97143300002 or email info@fajservices.ae and schedule your appointment with us.

A short answer is No because this component of A/c is quite delegated and can deteriorate if a novice attempts to clean it.

Yes, certainly you can opt for monthly air con servicing and maintenance.

Keep your home or Business Place Comfortable with Air Conditioning Cooling

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Stay comfortable all year round

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Reduce humidity, pollen and dust

AC Repair Services in Dubai, UAE


Prevent damage to electronics and furnishings

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