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Gree AC WiFi Setup: How to Connect Gree AC to WiFi

Welcome to the ultimate guide on Gree AC WiFi Setup: How to Connect Gree AC to WiFi. In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know to connect your Gree AC unit to your WiFi network.
Gree air conditioners with their WiFi capabilities lead to convenience right to your fingertips, providing to you the authority to control the cooling system from anywhere.
According to studies by Energy Star, WiFi-enabled air conditioners can save up to 10-15% on energy bills compared to traditional models. This is achieved through better temperature control and scheduling features enabled by WiFi connectivity.
This guide will talk you through the step by step process to setup WiFi on your Gree AC unit.

Gree AC WiFi Setup: Step by Step Process to Connect Gree AC to Your WiFi Network

Connecting your Gree AC to WiFi opens up a world of convenience. From controlling your AC remotely to optimizing energy usage, WiFi setup is key.
Let’s discover the step by step process to connect your Gree AC unit to WiFi.

Operating System Requirements for Your Smartphone

  • apple [#173] Created with Sketch. iOS System supports iOS 7.0 and above.
  • Android System supports Android 4.0 and above.
Following are the step by step processes which help you to connect your Gree AC with WiFi.

Step 1: Download GREE+ App

Download-GREE+-App Download and install the GREE+ app (Gree WiFi App) directly on your phone from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2: Turn ON Your Gree AC Unit’s WIFI Interface

Turn-ON-Your-Gree-AC-Unit’s-WIFI-Interface Remote Controls with a “WIFI” Button: Turn ON your Gree AC system. Press and hold the “WIFI” button for 10 seconds until the unit beeps for the second time and the WIFI icon appears on the display. Repeat the procedure to turn WIFI mode OFF.
Remote Controls without a “WIFI” Button: Press and hold both the “Mode” and “Turbo” buttons for 10 seconds until the unit beeps for the second time and the WIFI icon appears on the display. Repeat the procedure to turn WIFI mode OFF.  

Step 2: Turn ON Your Gree AC Unit’s WIFI Interface

Sign-Up-for-Gree-Universal-WiFi-Access Launch GREE+ app on your smartphone. The GREE+ login screen will be displayed.
If you are a first-time user, select the “Sign Up” button to create an account and register your Gree unit on the Gree Universal WiFi system.
On the Sign Up screen, you should:
  • Create a User Name
  • Enter your Email Address
  • Create a Password
  • Select Region (i.e., UAE)
Then tap the “Sign Up” button. You are now successfully registered!

Step 4: Adding Your WiFi Network to GREE+ App

Adding-Your-Gree-Unit-to-the-GREE+-App Local WiFi networks can be connected to your Gree AC unit and communicate through.
From the My Home screen, tap the “+” button to add your WIFI network.
Select your home and office WiFi network and enter WiFi network password.
If you want GREE+ to remember your network password, check the box (optional).
Tap the “Search for Device” button.

Step 5. Adding Your Gree Unit to the GREE+ App

Adding-Your-Gree-Unit-to-the-GREE+-App GREE+ will search your WIFI network for Gree units.
When a Gree unit is found, it will automatically be registered on the Gree Universal WIFI system. GREE+ will display the device name (ex., XYZ) of your Gree unit.

Step 6. Return To The Home Screen

Return-To-The-Home-Screen Tap the back button to return to the My Home screen. Your Gree unit will be displayed on the My Home screen.
Turn your Gree unit “ON” and “OFF” by tapping the circle button.

Benefits of Gree AC WiFi Setup

Enjoy the flexibility of controlling your AC from anywhere, ensuring optimal comfort upon arrival home and saving energy by scheduling cooling times.
According to a Smart Home Appliances expert at FAJ Shop, consumers prefer smart home appliances like WiFi-enabled AC units as they provide convenience and energy-saving potential.


1. Help and Updates

Scan the QR Code for “Help” and updates to the GREE+ app. Gree App QR Code

2. Common Network Setting Problems

If WiFi control fails, check the following one by one:
  • Make sure electrical power is turned on to the indoor and outdoor units.
  • Make sure WiFi function is turned ON as normal

3. To Reset WiFi Module

  • If the remote controller has a “WIFI” button, press until the unit emits a beep sound. It indicates the WiFi module is successfully reset.
  • If the remote does not have a WIFI button, press “MODE” and “TURBO” buttons simultaneously. When the unit emits a beep sound, the WiFi module is successfully reset.
If your DIY efforts fail to reset then contact Gree customer support for assistance. Research online forums and communities where other Gree AC users share their experiences and solutions. DOWNLOAD GREE+ APP AND UNIVERSAL WIFI INSTALLATION AND OPERATION MANUAL If you still need any further assistance with your Gree AC or looking for Gree AC repair or maintenance, contact FAJ Technical Services LLC to fix all kinds of Gree AC issues.

Final Words

Congratulations! You've successfully learned how to perform Gree AC WiFi Setup. Enjoy the convenience of controlling your AC remotely and optimizing energy usage. For further assistance, consult your Gree AC user manual or contact Gree customer support.



What is Gree AC WiFi Setup?

Gree AC WiFi Setup enables you to link your air conditioner to your home WiFi network, allowing for remote control and automation via the GREE+ app.

What if my WiFi network is not detected?

Ensure your Gree AC and smartphone are within close proximity to your WiFi router and try again. Restart both devices if necessary.

Can Gree AC connect to 5GHz WiFi networks?

Gree AC units typically connect to 2.4GHz WiFi networks. Ensure your router broadcasts a 2.4GHz signal for compatibility.

How do I connect my Gree to WiFi?

Add your WiFi network to the GREE+ mobile app. Launch the app and tap on “My Home Screen.” Tap the “+” button to add your WiFi network. Select your Home or Office WiFi network and enter the WiFi network password. Your Gree AC is now connected to the WiFi network.