Built-in Appliances Repair Service Dubai

Our customer service team is available 364 days a year to provide solutions to help you manage, maintain and service your built-in appliances, and keep them running like new. Built-in Appliances Repair Service Dubai

Built-in Appliances Repair Service Dubai

Built-in Appliances Repair Service Dubai

Our customer service team is available 364 days a year to provide solutions to help you manage, maintain and service your built-in appliances, and keep them running like new. Built-in Appliances Repair Service Dubai

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  • Rapid Response (Normally Same or next day service)
  • Delivery 7 days a week Choose a day to suit you
  • Timing: Mon-Sat 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
    Sunday 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM
  • Telephone Number: +971 4 330 0002
  • WhatsApp Number: +971 50 746 4712

Technical Inspection Fee

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  • The technical inspection fee is AED 157 covering diagnosis, transportation, re-installation in Dubai premises and the fee is not refundable.
  • This flat rate includes 1 or 2 appliances in the same place. The flat rate does not include the cost of parts.
  • If you require a repair on a small appliance, such as a coffee machine, stand mixer, or robot vacuum cleaner so contact us.

Select Your Appliance to Repair

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  • Washing Machine / Dryer Repair
  • Dishwasher Repair
  • Cooker / Oven Repair
  • Other Built-in Appliances Repair
  • Refrigerator, Fridge & Freezer Repair

Home appliances play a pivotal role in helping us in several ways and making our daily life run smoothly and easier. In today’s modern world, no house is without an appliance, big or small we all own an electric gadget. Furthermore, we all heavily rely on these and their efficient functioning. But, with time their frequent use makes them prone to problems that only high-quality service professionals can handle. This is where we stand! FAJ Technical Services L.L.C. is the well-known built-in appliances repair service since 2010. Residents of Dubai and surrounding areas fully rely on us for quality built-in appliances repair service and prompt help.

What’s more, we are available all year round, whether you are looking for fixing your electronic household product or maintaining it, our experts are ready to serve you. For built-in appliances repair service, you can immediately contact us.


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  • Washing Machine / Tumble
  • Dryer Washer & Dryer
  • Integrated Washing Machine


Dishwasher | fajservices
  • Built-in Appliances Repair Service
  • Slim line Dishwasher
  • Integrated Dishwasher


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  • Refrigerator, Fridge & Freezer
  • American Style Fridge Freezer
  • Integrated Fridge and Freezer


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  • Built-in Oven
  • Built-in Gas and Electrical Cooker
  • Free Standing Hob and Cooker

Integrated Appliance Repair

While free-standing appliances continue to remain popular. But, integrated appliances have gained much attention from people and continue to grow in demand. Moreover, you can easily house these appliances in your cupboards and panels. This means these integrated appliances can fit quite neatly without looking out of place. The complexity of designing integrated appliances makes them challenging to fix when they encounter a problem.

Therefore, only highly skilled personnel can identify the glitch in it and repair it. Our team of professionals is highly trained to provide any built in appliance repair service in no time, so you can enjoy your peaceful rest while our experts are doing their job.

Numerous Built-in Appliances Repair Services We Provide Repairing For

We deliver services for manifold integrated electronic appliances covering Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi (UAE).

  • Fridge freezer
  • Tumble dryer
  • Washing machine
  • Refrigerator
  • Washer Dryer
  • Dishwasher
  • Electric cooker
  • Gas cooker
  • Microwave
  • Gas oven
  • Electric oven
  • Electric hob
  • Vacuums
  • Gas hob

You can simply pick your integrated appliance which needs fixing and maintenance and our technical techs reach your home on time to help.

Following are some of the common problems integrated appliances encounter.

Integrated And Built-In Fridge Freezer Fixing In Dubai

Though integrated refrigerators are designed quite elegantly they still fall into faults that require proper attention. Problems encounter are:

  • Moisture builds up in the inner base of built-in fridge
  • Defrosting not occurring
  • Noise coming from the fridge
  • Faulty condenser
  • The fan motor is defective
  • The light of the fridge is not turning on

If you have a built in refrigerator or integrated which is causing problems. You can freely call us now, we are a leading built in appliance repair service provider. We can help you too!

Washer Dryer Repairing In Dubai

Washing machines are of any brand, size, or style. Their proper full maintenance and appropriate on-time fixing make it durable. If you notice these signs in your washer be free to get in touch with us. We are the No.1 built in appliance repair service and truly delivering more than expected. Commonly occurring faults are:

  • Noisy washer
  • Leakage in the washing machine
  • Failed spinning
  • The washer not filling with water
  • Clogged white goods
  • The washing machine door failed to open
  • The machine not turning on
  • It is ruining clothing

Dishwasher Fixing In Dubai

Many people think that having a dishwasher in the kitchen is nothing but luxury. And, that is completely true, these heavy-duty home appliances help us in several ways. On top of that, we have become so dependent on these gizmos that we cannot imagine living without them. These appliances undoubtedly take our burden and we can complete our daily home tasks speedily with their help.

We take too much advantage of home appliances but, we overlook their care. Domestic appliances also need attention to work smoothly. Additionally, a built-in dishwasher makes our life easier. Take careful notice if you see your expensive dishwasher showing you some signs!

Signs you must not ignore are:

  • Dishwasher is leaking
  • A defective drainage hose
  • It is noisy when it operates
  • Fail to turn on
  • Water filling issues

Built-in Oven Repairs and Built-in Appliances Repair Service

It can be so annoying to know that your built-in oven has all of a sudden stopped working just before you are about to prepare a scrumptious meal for your family. Whether you are making a batch of chocolate cookies, or just throwing in a frozen slice of pizza after an exhausting day at work.

You want your microwave in full-fledged working order. Problems with the oven or built-in electric cooker limit your ability as well, to cook a portion of delicious food. Hence, puts your mood off or if you still try to prepare food it gets unevenly cooked or unevenly heated. Mostly, electric appliances stop working when we need them the most. If your built-in oven or cooker is also acting strange, you must call a professional only to reach your home. Novice ones can only rip you off and damage your expensive gadgets. Communicate with us for built in appliance repair service and let your appliance be fully functional once again.

Why Choose Us?

FAJ is a distinguished and reliable source of built-in appliances repair services. Since 2010, we have been delivering fantastically top-tier outcomes and hence built a huge reputation throughout Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi (UAE). In addition to it, we are always on time, our services are rapid and our technical experts are well-equipped to deliver more than the client’s hopefulness and exceed the satisfaction. We offer flexible scheduling 7 days a week you can schedule a fixing, or maintenance appointment any day which suits you. Besides, our experienced staff reach your doorstep on time on an appointed day, we believe that our reputation as an honest and reliable built-in appliancea repair service provider is a recipe for success.

We offer quite an affordable appliance service, we deliver swift and courteous service to relieve you from stress. Without any further delay, contact us today and experience comfort with us.


You can easily call us at 43300002 or email info@fajservices.ae for built-in appliances repair service and schedule your appointment with us. Our experts reach your home on time to swiftly help you.

Any appliance, be it built in or integrated requires effort and capability to restore it to its working order. Only experts can overhaul any appliance.

All refrigeration types need ventilation to work correctly.

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