Coffee Machine Service Center in Dubai

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Coffee Machine Service Center in Dubai

Brands of Coffee Machine

  • Delonghi Repair Service
  • Melitta Repair Service
  • Electrolux Repair Service
  • Breville Repair Service
  • Philips Repair Service

Types of Services We Offer

  • Repair
  • Service
  • Maintenance
  • Descaling
  • Calibration

Common Faults in the Coffee Machine

  • The stop button light on the touchpad flashing
  • Coffee dispenses too slowly
  • Unable to froth milk
  • The Machine Makes A Weird Noise
  • Grinder Turns On But Does Not Grind

Do you want to get your coffee machine up and running in Dubai? Your search has come to an end! We recognize the significance of a well-functioning coffee machine, whether for commercial or personal use. With our dependable repair services, you can say goodbye to coffee machine problems. Our professional experts can diagnose and repair a wide range of coffee machine difficulties, allowing you to enjoy your favorite cup of coffee without disruption. Choose FAJ Technical Service L.L.C for high-quality coffee machine repairs in Dubai. We have been in the industry since 2010, and our devoted staff of experts is capable of handling a wide range of brands and models. We take pleasure in exceeding customer expectations by providing timely, dependable, and cost-effective solutions. Experience our excellent service and dedication to client happiness. To schedule a repair or learn more about our services, please contact us immediately. FAJ will also look after your coffee machine repair.

Common coffee machine faults we repair

FAJ Technical Servicing L.L.C. is a reputable coffee machine service center in Dubai, providing expert repairs for a wide range of manufacturers, including Delonghi coffee machines. Our skilled technicians deal with a wide range of typical coffee machine repair issues, assuring prompt and dependable service. We address the following common flaws:

No Power:

If your coffee machine does not turn on or displays no sign of power, we can diagnose and fix electrical problems, defective wiring, or malfunctioning power switches.

Water Leakage:

Water leaking is a typical issue in coffee makers, and it can cause by defective seals, weak connections, or a faulty water reservoir. Our professionals can find the cause of the leak and perform the required repairs.

Brewing Problems:

Problems with the brewing process, such as weak coffee, irregular water flow, or no coffee production, might be caused by clogged filters, malfunctioning valves, or pump problems. We can identify and address these issues to ensure a proper brewing experience.

Grinder Malfunction:

If your coffee machine has a built-in grinder that isn’t working properly, we can inspect and repair it. Our professionals are excellent at fixing difficulties including uneven grinding and excessive noise.

Temperature Issues:

Temperature control is critical for optimal coffee brewing. If your machine fails to reach the proper temperature or produces coffee that is too hot or too cold, we can address issues with the heating element or thermostat.

Error Messages:

When a failure occurs, many coffee machines display error messages or codes. Our technicians have experience to detecting these signs and determining the underlying problem, which could be connected to water flow, pressure, sensors, or other components.

General Maintenance:

Coffee machines require routine maintenance to avoid future problems and increase their lives. We provide full maintenance services such as cleaning, descaling, lubrication, and troubleshooting.

FAJ Technical Service L.L.C provides coffee machine repair in Dubai and the neighboring locations. We are here to give dependable and competent service whether you are looking for a coffee machine service center, coffee machine service Dubai, or a Coffee machine repair service near me. Through our experienced repair services, we aim to assure client pleasure while also extending the life of your coffee machine. So, contact us for your entire coffee machine repair in Dubai needs.

Coffee Machine Brands we repair:

We specialize in fixing a wide range of coffee machine brands at FAJ Technical Service L.L.C, such as:

Smeg: Smeg coffee machines are known for their beautiful and retro-inspired designs, and they provide both beauty and functionality. Our specialists are skilled at repairing Smeg coffee machines, allowing you to continue enjoying their distinctive blend of elegance and performance.

Black Decker: Black & Decker, a well-known company in home appliances, make a variety of coffee machines to suit diverse tastes. Our trained technicians can handle any repairs needed to keep your Black and Decker coffee machine brewing wonderful cups of coffee, whether it’s a drip coffee maker or a single-serve brewer.

Beko: Modern features and user-friendly designs come together in Beko coffee makers. Our specialists are familiar with the inner workings of Beko coffee machines and can quickly diagnose and repair any problems, allowing you to enjoy the convenience and flavor that Beko devices provide.

Nobel: Nobel coffee machines are well-known for their elegant looks and cutting-edge brewing technologies. If your Nobel coffee machine is not working properly, our professionals can do the necessary repairs to restore its functioning and maintain the quality of your coffee.

Espresso: Espresso coffee machines, as the name suggests, are design to produce rich and tasty espresso shots. Our trained technicians have extensive experience fixing espresso machines, also allowing you to continue enjoying the perfect cup of espresso in the comfort of your own home or office.

Delonghi: Delonghi is a well-known brand that produces a broad variety of coffee machines, including espresso machines and bean-to-cup machines. Our technicians are well-versed in Delonghi coffee machine service center Dubai and can effectively diagnose and fix any problems, allowing you to enjoy the true flavor of your favorite coffee.

Melitta: If your Melitta coffee machine has to be repaired, our professionals can do it. We’ll make certain that your Melitta machine continues to produce excellent coffee with each brew.

Electrolux: Electrolux coffee machines are created with cutting-edge technology and contemporary aesthetics. Our professionals can make the necessary repairs to keep your Electrolux coffee machine functioning properly, whether it’s a built-in coffee system or a standalone machine.

Breville: Breville is a well-known company that offers a variety of coffee machines that cater to various brewing methods. Our specialists have experience in repairing Breville coffee machines, allowing you to continue enjoying the ease and adaptability they offer.

Philips: If your Philips coffee machine requires service, our professionals will swiftly diagnose and repair the problem, allowing you to continue brewing delicious coffee with ease.

FAJ Technical Service L.L.C’s mission, regardless of brand, is to perform superior repairs that restore your coffee machine’s functionality and extend its lifespan. So, contact us immediately to schedule a repair and benefit from our experience with these well-known coffee machine manufacturers.

Why should you choose FAJ technical service L.L.C?

Choose FAJ Technical Service L.L.C for your coffee machine repair needs and you will receive the following benefits:

  • Expert technicians with significant expertise and experience.
  • Dependable and timely service to reduce downtime.
  • Concentrate on customer satisfaction and resolving your concerns.
  • Full-service solutions, including preventative maintenance.
  • A reputable industry reputation.
  • Convenient scheduling choices are also available for your convenience.

Contact us:

You may easily contact our coffee machine service center in Dubai by phone (04 330 0002) or email ( Our helpful team can assist you in making a repair appointment or also answering any concerns you may have regarding our services.


We service espresso machines, drip coffee makers, single-serve brewers, and other types of coffee appliances. Smeg, Black and Decker, Beko, Nobel, Espresso, Delonghi, Melitta, Electrolux, Breville, and Philips are among the popular brands we repair.

The time require for the repair is determine by the complexity of the problem. Minor repairs can often be done in a matter of hours, however, more serious repairs may take longer. Our specialists work hard to provide quick service while also ensuring that the repair is done correctly.

In the rare situation that your coffee machine is beyond repair, our professionals will also offer you an honest assessment. So, we can also help you look into other possibilities, such as suggesting a replacement or advising you on how to buy a new coffee machine.

Yes, we have a coffee machine servicing center in Dubai. Customers looking for coffee machine repair services in the region can simply find us.

Yes, we do on-site coffee machine repair in Dubai. Our professionals may come to your site to diagnose and repair your coffee machine, making service at your door handy.

Absolutely! We specialize in repairing Delonghi coffee machines as a coffee machine service facility in Dubai. We can conduct the necessary repairs to restore the functionality of your Delonghi espresso machine or drip coffee maker.