We Keep Customers Comfortable With Reliable Cooline AC Repair Maintenance Service in Dubai

AC Repair Services in Dubai UAE

We Keep Customers Comfortable With Reliable Cooline AC Repair Maintenance Service in Dubai

Easy, fast and professional ac maintenance services in Dubai for residential and commercial units.

We understand the importance of arriving on site promptly when an air conditioning failure affecting the vital systems has occurred, and people are relying upon it. We have expert, and experienced air con repair technician’s that ensure the best AC Maintenance Services in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We will also provide AC Maintenance Services in Dubai even if we did not install them. In 2010, 89% of our callouts resulted in the successful repair of failed units on our first visit. We also offer a warranty on every repair we undertake.

Cooline air con is manufactured to optimally and equally distribute cool air to commercial and domestic places. Finding the best Cooline ac repair service supplier is not an easy thing to do because life in Dubai is quite busy. Your cooline air conditioning starts to give you signals when it demands repair, maintenance, and fixing.

To enjoy the prompt results, the best immediate help is all you need. FAJ makes it a priority to provide you with assistance and solutions tailored to your air conditioner requirements.

AC Repair Services in Dubai, UAE

Some Unavoidable Cooline Central Air Con Signals

Cooline central air conditioning always indicates to you when there is something wrong. You always want your cooline inverter to run at its best. Yes, that is quite good to expect from your expensive air conditioner, however, your cooline air conditioning with time also needs cleaning and fixing as well as Cooline ac repair is vital. The signs that you might notice are;

Thermostat is malfunctioning

When the thermostat of your cooline central aircon is not doing its job then it won’t be easy to get cool air. Hence, that will lead to increased humidity and warm surroundings.

Clogged Coils

A central air conditioning contains an indoor unit and an outdoor condenser and both of these require routine, detailed maintenance. Condenser and indoor air handlers both contain coils that play a vital role to keep your room cool by increasing the smooth and gentle airflow from coils. If the coils in the outside condenser are blocked with dirt, dust, or any organic particles. They will not be able to release heat adequately and ultimately it will cause more warm air in your room.

Similar;y indoor unit contains coils as well which help to remove heat from the air. If coils do not change regularly then they get clogged. Indoor coils are quite delicate so never attempt to clean your air con coils on your own. It is better to contact a professional, experienced team for the work.

Dripping Refrigerant

In central air conditioning refrigerant is a fluid inside copper coils. The major role of refrigerant is to absorb heat from the air in the evaporator coil. Leaking refrigerant will negatively affect your aircon ability.

Cooline ac repair, HVAC & Ducted Split AC

When the summer season is back, air conditioning which was forgotten in the past few months becomes the talk of the town once again. Unwanted air conditioner problems become a real headache for busy individuals. Several homeowners often run into trouble once they start their air cons, especially after such a dormant period. Before putting your Ac back into use, giving them a good and timely checkup is indispensable. Regular tune-ups for your ducted split Air conditioning increase their average lifespan and save you from sudden costly repairs. A specialized team of experts quickly catches the problem during routine maintenance and fix it right away. Cooline ac repair promptly brings fruitful outcomes.

Problems That Commonly Arise With Your HVAC & Split Ac

  • Damaged Compressor
  • Ac is stinking
  • The thermostat is not doing its job
  • Air con refrigerant frequently leak
  • Dirty Aircon filter
  • Indoor and outdoor water leaking because of clogged coils
  • Circuit breaker tripping
  • Thermostat malfunction
  • Capacitor failed to do its function
  • The air conditioner making an unusual noise
  • Ductwork is leaking
  • Evaporator coils are frozen
  • Weak flow of cool air
  • Ac fan failure

Cooline VRF Air Conditioning (A/c) System

VRF is a type of air conditioner where there is one outdoor condensing unit and several indoor units. This air condition is innovatively designed to make it provide efficient, fast, gentle cooling to people. This highly advanced VRF system needs to be maintained, cleaned, and inspected daily to solve any problem all of a sudden. Regular preventive maintenance keeps you from high cost and increases the lifespan of VRF systems.

Types Of VRF Air Conditioners

  1. Heat pump system-2 pipe
  2. Heat recovery system-3 pipe
  3. VRF water-cooled
  4. Gas driven

All of them have different operations and their routine checkups are a key to keep them functioning efficiently and fastly.

Whom To Contact For Help?

Firstly, this question comes to who to call for assistance. In Dubai, you can rely on FAJ Technical Services LLC because we strive to help all residents of Dubai by providing accurate, exceptional, and trustworthy services. Our team is well-trained and specialized in providing regular maintenance, inspection of air conditioning installation, repair, and fixing any fault immediately. Call us for increasing your A/c cooling system longevity and quality. We provide high-quality warranted repair, maintenance, and fixing at a reasonable cost. Regardless of where you are in Dubai, we will send a FAJ technical, trained team to your doorstep to do all Cooline ac repair services on time. We provide all these services for the Cooline brand and several other brands of air conditioning.

  • Cooline central air condition servicing
  • Cooline split Air Con repair & regular maintenance
  • Cooline HVAC & ducted split Ac repair service
  • Cooline package unit aircon fixing, maintenance
  • Cooline VRF & Ceiling air conditioning repairing and fixing
  • Cooline ac repair


It depends upon the part of the air condition which is to be repaired. However, an experienced one takes a maximum of 1 to 2 hours.

It is Manufactured to function with R134a refrigerant up to 130◦F ambient temperature.

The minimum standard for SEER air conditioning is 13 however, modern air cons have between 13 to 21.


Stay comfortable all year round

Better air quality

Reduce humidity, pollen and dust

AC Repair Services in Dubai, UAE


Prevent damage to electronics and furnishings

Quiet and secure

No need to leave windows open