We Keep Customers Comfortable With Reliable Daewoo AC Repair Maintenance Service in Dubai

AC Repair Services in Dubai UAE

We Keep Customers Comfortable With Reliable Daewoo AC Repair Maintenance Service in Dubai

Daewoo air conditioner is the most used cooling system in the whole of Dubai. After several years of service, every air con requires proper maintenance and servicing. For excellent Daewoo ac repair in dubai detailed accurate maintenance is what makes your air conditioning functional for many years. Repairing any issue before it turns into a large repair is the key to preventing any problem.

This is where we can help you, we are professionals in providing dependable and unique Daewoo ac repair in dubai. For all types/models of air conditioners of any size, FAJ Technical Services LLC is at your doorstep to give you a hand in maintaining it. And fixing faults your air con is experiencing.

Hassle-free Daewoo Split air conditioner (A/c) Maintenance

Better and on-time maintenance brings fruitful results and therefore, the air conditioning can work for many years. However, a malfunctioned daewoo air con can lead to inconvenience and discomfort as well as restricts fresh cooling. Moreover, inadequate cool air negatively affects our day-to-day tasks. To get the best Daewoo ac repair in dubai make sure to communicate with an experienced and well-known company. Because this will not only save you time but saves money as well.

AC Repair Services in Dubai, UAE

Daewoo Split Air Con Error Codes—- Avail Unbeatable Daewoo ac repair in dubai

Air conditioners are primarily designed to provide optimum, fast cooling. With time, these air cons require careful attention and help from expert technicians to keep working the way they should. These are some fault codes which must need a quick fix.

Error codes of the indoor unit

  • Daewoo error code: E0
  • Daewoo error code: E01
  • Daewoo error code: E02
  • Daewoo error code: E03
  • Daewoo error code: E06

Error codes outdoor unit

  • Daewoo error code: E0
  • Daewoo error code: E01
  • Daewoo error code: E02
  • Daewoo error code: E03
  • Daewoo error code: E04
  • Daewoo error code: E05
  • Daewoo error code: E06
  • Daewoo error code: E07

Thus these and several other fault codes can not be addressed by a novice but, through an experienced technical team only.

Daewoo Window Miscellaneous Issues/ Problems

Air conditioner does its best and keeps your daily work schedule and sleep soft and comfortable. And, things get worse if your air con does not go through thorough regular maintenance such as;

  • Daewoo window air conditioning is failed to turn on
  • It is not cooling your room instead reverse happening, humidity and warm air
  • Daewoo AC is emitting wyrd odors
  • Strange noises are coming out of your air conditioning
  • The remote control of the Daewoo air conditioner is not functioning

All these problems occur when your air con does not get routine maintenance and proper servicing. Furthermore, due to dust, debris, and dirt air filters get clogged or blocked which hampers the fresh, crisp cool air to circulate in the entire room or home. Thus, it causes the emission of unusual noises and smells. Hence, due to these, unwanted problems occur. Additionally, refrigerant leakage and defective compressors restrict your AC to turn on.

To get the best Daewoo ac repair in dubai homeowners should never ignore it or take it for granted. Because, regular window air conditioner maintenance is more than just unplugging or re-plugging a few wires.

Cons Of Incorrect Installation Of Daewoo Air Conditioning

Many homeowners buy an expensive air conditioner to just throw it away by having it installed poorly or wrongly by a family member or handyman. To avoid costly replacements and repairs, correctly installing the Daewoo window air conditioner saves you a lot of unnecessary expenses. Some of the common wrongly installed air conditioning issues are;

Subpar Performance

First off, the most commonly occurring problem of inaccurate A/c installation is extremely low airflow. This happens because someone has poorly installed window air conditioning and there is no right amount of refrigerant added to the system. Thus, this leads to suppressing the cool airflow throughout the home or office. Daewoo ac repair in dubai by an experienced workmanship significantly assists your AC to run efficiently.

Humid Air Increasing

Daewoo window air conditioning is engineered to deliver excellent cooling to its owners. If the air in your room or office is sticky, humid, or stale it means you have incorrectly installed Daewoo aircon.

Water Damage

Inaccuracy in installing the air con can lead to water damage. Daewoo AC has a condensate pan that helps in assembling the water to create the process of cooling the air. Improper putting of condensate pan or drip pan causes lots of water damage in your home. Furthermore, this will cause air filters to get clogged easily and evaporator coils to freeze up quickly. Because the air conditioner is not rightly installed it will not function effectively for years. Hence, the chances of its complete breakdown will increase. Get the best Daewoo ac repair in dubai and make your daily life tasks comfortable.

What To Do?

After reading this, you might be thinking about whom you should contact or ask if the air con is in its right position or not. The quick answer is the call experts in air condition servicing. Yes, because they have the expertise to quickly diagnose any problem your A/c might have and the experience to resolve it. And, this is where FAJ Technical Services LLC comes to help and guide you if your Daewoo air conditioner is installed correctly or not. Our team of experts is well-trained and works diligently to provide regular maintenance and servicing of your air conditioner. We are top in providing the best results for Daewoo ac repair in Dubai. Moreover, we have gained an immense reputation throughout the years of working to provide the best service to our customers.

FAJ has proper, advanced tools and equipment to get the work done excellently right away. We help you to choose the correct cooling system for your home or office and ensure that it is installed precisely. In addition to it, we provide you with a warranty on all our services hence, we are quite reliable and easy to get in touch with. Connect with us for outstanding results.


No proper regular maintenance and service lead to damage to Ac.

Low or poor refrigerant is the cause of defective compressor

It is not easy to clean the coils of your air conditioner because they are delicate and if you try to clean them on your own. Then, there is a chance of getting them damaged. Therefore, it is always recommended to call a professional.

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AC Repair Services in Dubai, UAE


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