We Keep Customers Comfortable With Reliable Fujitsu AC Repair Maintenance Service in Dubai

AC Repair Services in Dubai UAE

We Keep Customers Comfortable With Reliable Fujitsu AC Repair Maintenance Service in Dubai

Air conditioners that are people-friendly are environmentally friendly. And, Fujitsu air con is one of them. Central Fujitsu air conditioner is an intelligent choice when it comes to beating humidity and heat indoors. Just like every other aircon the requirement for Fujitsu air conditioner repair increases as well. Regular maintenance and servicing not only conserve electricity but also helps keep operating your Fujitsu air con for many years. Adequate routine maintenance helps to quickly diagnose the issues of your central AC and fix them before they turn into some huge problem.

When the temperature soars and you have air conditioner system faults, we are here to save your day. We have trained and professional technical teams to serve you..

Routine inspections of your Air Condition Installation, AC repair Dubai, AC maintenance & repairs, fix service is extremely important to ensure your unit’s efficiency, we are trained and qualified to maintain all type, makes, model and sizes Domestic Ac & Commercial air conditioner & Ventilation System in Dubai. FAJ, an AC Repair Dubai Company.

When it comes to Air Conditioner installation service, You Only Want to Bring Professional, Trustworthy Servicemen into Your Home or Place of Business.

AC Repair Services in Dubai, UAE

Advantages Of Routine Fujitsu Air Conditioner Service

Though your inverter is functioning well and delivering satisfactory outcomes. However, with time it needs fixing and complete maintenance regularly. The longer you go without servicing your fujitsu air con the closer your A/c will get to the point where it shall halt functioning completely. On the contrary, if you give your air con optimum attention and care by getting maintained and serviced daily by an expert company. The results will be beyond your expectations and your inverter will take your side for decades. There are many pros of it here, we will discuss a couple of the most important ones;

Accelerate Durability

One of the best benefits of getting proper maintenance of a fujitsu aircon is that your split aircon remains in top shape. This simply means, your air conditioner will not be affected due to any climate changes Furthermore, no fear of damaging and repairing. Servicing ensures that your air conditioner will continuously operate for years. In addition to it, optimal timely fujitsu air conditioner repair is essential to prevent any future large repairs. Always ensure that you have communicated with an experienced serviceman for exceptional maintenance regularly.

Lower Electric Bill

Having an air conditioner means more electricity bills and, without maintenance ends up increasing electricity bills pressure even more. Moreover, reduced efficiency because of lack of regular maintenance will cause your fujitsu split air conditioning to consume extra power. An ineffective Ac machine is an overworked piece of technology that leads to higher electric consumption. If you have a Fujitsu aircon and it is causing problems, then getting the excellent fujitsu air conditioner repair service can immediately lower your electricity bills.

Minimum Repair Cost

Repairs attract more money depending upon the extent of damage primarily the expenses get high. Through minor weekly repairs, you will be able to protect your fujitsu HVAC air conditioning from lengthy repairs. Thus, this way your cooling system will be entirely rescued from any kind of damage. Likewise, scheduling regular maintenance of your AC will reduce the effect of wear and tear. Thus, significantly allowing each component of HVAC to run smoothly and swiftly.

No Strange Smell From Aircon

Another significance of maintaining your centralized air conditioning is, it remains devoid of unpleasant odor. Yes, you read it right! Regular proper cleaning of air filters and evaporator coils keeps them clogged with dust, dirt, and debris. Moreover, no freezing up of the evaporator coil occurs when Ac is being serviced daily. Whether you have a fujitsu ducted system or central air conditioner you always want to achieve fresh, crisp, and cool air.

A foul smell emitting from the cooling system signals a variety of problems such as molds, bacteria, debris, and dust. An experienced, expert team has the expertise to easily determine the cause of the odor. Additionally, they use their tools to do the complete servicing to eliminate this problem. Experts know how to execute the necessary fujitsu air conditioner repair and deliver an excellent result.

Error Codes—- Fujitsu air conditioner repair

When something goes awry the air con quickly displays that, these errors indicate the underlying problems with your air con. Whether it is split air conditioning or ceiling air con, they all show the error codes on the display. It is the job of experts solely to identify them and promptly fix them.

Other fault codes are;

  • 01
  • 02
  • 03
  • 04
  • 05
  • 06
  • 07
  • 08
  • 09
  • OA
  • OC
  • OE
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 1A
  • 1B
  • 1C
  • 1D

Each type, brand, and model of A/C has different fault codes. Hence, only the equipped company knows how to address these errors when they appear on the air conditioner’s display. For fujitsu air conditioner repair in the whole Dubai, communication with the best company creates difference.

Contact The Experts

When it comes to expert help for servicing, regular maintenance, and quick fixing of any air con problem, FAJ Technical Services LLC comes to the top of everyone’s mind. We are known as a high-quality service provider in the whole of Dubai as well as the best, most reputed, and exceptional performance giver. FAJ has been working since 2010, to keep its customers comfortable and breathe in fresh, gentle cool air.

What Makes Us Different From Others?

When it comes to reliability and top-notch air conditioning service provider, FAJ is the name you can count on. Our skillfulness makes us different from other service providers.

Advanced tools and equipment

Our team exhibits several years of industry experience, and FAJ always remains up-to-date with different technologies. Therefore, our team is well-trained to use advanced tools and equipment to deliver top-tier outcomes. Our work has always been appreciated by our customers and are day by day getting amazing feedback from our new customers. FAJ is something you can trust, in times of need.

Foremost quality service

We are known for our top-tier air conditioning services. Our team of professionals is leading in Fujitsu air conditioner repair across Dubai. Our workmanship does its work with careful attention and precision. This attention to each detail of air conditioning maintenance and servicing ensures that FAJ Technical Services LLC is leading in the field of air conditioner services.

Budget-friendly and prompt help

Our customers rely on us for quick and reliable help. We offer cost-effective services for all types, models, and brands of aircon. Our team of experienced professionals with a single call reaches your doorstep and delivers the best results. For prompt fujitsu air conditioner repair call us.

Detailed regular servicing and optimal suggestions

Another reason why we are different and unbeatable is that our expert team not only repairs the issues or does maintenance. But, also takes extra care to provide detailed routine servicing, thorough cleaning, and maintenance. Since 2010, we are leading in delivering unparalleled fujitsu air conditioner repair services. Being concerned, our experts provide wonderful suggestions about your air conditioning. Moreover, If you are confused about the reinstallation of your wrongly installed aircon we provide exceptional suggestions. As well as, a guide which is the best place to install your air conditioner. For immediate help call us at 43300002 or email info@fajservices.ae Let’s enjoy the difference!


Cool mode is used during the dry and hot seasons while the dry mode is best for humid seasons when the weather is not necessarily hot or warm.

When you see the water is constantly dripping from your inside unit, call an experienced company for help. Because attempting to do anything on your own can simply lead to major damage.

Yes, it is possible to take your air con with you when you change your house. However, the removal of your Ac must be done by a professional technician.


Stay comfortable all year round

Better air quality

Reduce humidity, pollen and dust

AC Repair Services in Dubai, UAE


Prevent damage to electronics and furnishings

Quiet and secure

No need to leave windows open