We will come out to your home or business place to do your Hisense fridge repair in dubai at a time that suits you. We complete most appliance services on the first visit.

Hisense Fridge Repair in Dubai UAE


We will come out to your home or business place to do your Hisense fridge repair in dubai at a time that suits you. We complete most appliance services on the first visit.

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  • Telephone Number: +971 4 330 0002
  • WhatsApp Number: +971 50 746 4712
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  • The technical inspection fee is AED 157 covering diagnosis, transportation, re-installation in Dubai premises and the fee is not refundable.
  • This flat rate includes 1 or 2 appliances in the same place. The flat rate does not include the cost of parts.
  • If you require a repair on a small appliance, such as a coffee machine, stand mixer, or robot vacuum cleaner so contact us.
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Appliances Repair Services in Dubai UAE
  • Hisense Fridge Repair
  • Hisense Dishwasher Repairs
  • Hisense Cooking Range Repairs
  • Hisense Fridge Freezer Repair Service
  • Hisense Washing Machine, Dryer Repair Dubai

Appliances are part and parcel of daily life, their efficiently working presence gives us peace of mind and satisfaction. Domestic appliances undeniably play a fundamental role every day and every time we need them. Perhaps you might own a hisense appliance and look for its repair. Although hisense domestic gadgets work at their best still due to overuse, they get vulnerable to faults. FAJ Technical Services L.L.C. is the first and foremost solution to each problem your home appliance may encounter.

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  • Washing Machine / Tumble
  • Dryer Washer & Dryer
  • Integrated Washing Machine
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  • Full Size Dishwasher
  • Slim line Dishwasher
  • Integrated Dishwasher
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  • Refrigerator, Fridge & Freezer
  • American Style Fridge Freezer
  • Integrated Fridge and Freezer
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  • Built-in Oven
  • Built-in Gas and Electrical Cooker
  • Free Standing Hob and Cooker

Hisense Appliance Repair We Offer For Domestic Appliances

FAJ is a prime appliance repair service provider throughout Dubai and surrounding areas. Regardless of where they were bought, our team of skillful technicians is dedicated to providing unbeatable service whilst maximizing the lifespan of household appliances. For several hisense electric gadgets we offer overhauling and maintenance for:

  • Hisense dryer
  • Hisense washing machine
  • Hisense electric and gas oven
  • Hisense hob
  • Hisense microwave
  • Hisense cooking range
  • Hisense freezer
  • Hisense dishwasher
  • Hisense fridge (refrigerator)

Let’s dig into the details of various electric appliances we are restoring in Dubai and other areas, as well as signs that you must notice and immediately call us.

Hisense Fridge Repair In Dubai

More than 95% of food is stored in the refrigerator. If it works well we can have a delicious meal, and cool fresh beverages anytime we want. However, if a certain problem within your cold-storage box occurs things get challenging because your tummy is dependent upon your fridge. Furthermore, a malfunctioning hisense refrigerator is nothing more than a burden especially when you are already occupied with numerous works.

But, let the professionals serve you. With us get the best hisense appliance repair service to keep your food fresh, drinks cool, and your fridge working like it was never faulty ever. Moreover, you can simply get top-of-the-line customer service that will blow you away.

Signs you must notice:

  • Fridge not cooling
  • Temperature fluctuation
  • Defrosting not happening
  • Food is getting rancid
  • The fridge door is faulty
  • Faulty condenser
  • The dirty filter of the refrigerator

Hisense Washing Machine Repair In Dubai

The washer helps us so very much for laundry and its ill-functioning makes life quite challenging. If you own a hisense white goods and you see these strange problems your washer is showing you. Give careful attention to it, because your all-time friend washer is asking for help.

  • Loud excessive noise
  • Not cleaning clothes very well
  • Failed to turn on
  • It is using too much or too little water
  • The door of a washer is not opening or closing
  • Odor which is not going away

Hisense Cooker Repair In Dubai

Hisense cookers are designed to ease your daily cooking and minimize the time you spend in the kitchen to prepare meals. Insufficient or lack of functional capacity of hisense cooker not only becomes difficult to cook scrumptious food rapidly. But, also if you still try to cook in your cooker it will remain undercooked or not cooked at all. Our technical personnel is ready to assist you any day you ask, and we have always exceeded the clients’ expectations throughout the years.

Additionally, be it the fixing of hisense oven repair in Dubai you are looking for or a hisense refrigerator fix we are equipped to deliver preeminent results. As well as unrivaled hisense appliance repair.

Signs you must not ignore of faulty Hisense cooker

  • Thermostat trips when using a grill
  • Vapors are escaping
  • Damaged gasket
  • The lid is not coming off
  • Steam is leaking and restricting pressure build-up

Signs of oven one must not neglect

  • The oven light fails to turn on
  • The microwave oven is not heating food evenly
  • Oven temperature is too high or too low
  • The oven fails to ignite or draw power
  • The microwave is not starting

Appliances Maintenance In Dubai—Hisense Appliance Repair

Domestic appliances are the major part of a house, a home gets complete with fully functional electric gadgets. Keep your appliances running safely and efficiently with us. We are the chief Hisense appliance repair provider and operate throughout Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi (UAE). Call us for help and we are fast to recover your appliance.

Why Choose FAJ?

We never compromise with exceeding customer satisfaction and the quality of service we offer. We make sure to adhere to the highest quality standards when it comes to appliance fixing and maintenance. Moreover, making the integrity of our workmanship unbeatable repairs compared to others. Do not let the overhauling of your expensive, important appliances into the hands of just anyone. Contact us today for reliable and exceedingly optimal services. Additionally, our outstanding performance in delivering Hisense appliance repair has always been leading. So, without any further duo talk to us and let us take care of your home appliances.


Yes, surely we provide exceptional installation of all home appliances of any brand.

You can simply call us at 43300002 or email info@fajservices.ae

There can be many reasons which are inhibiting your washer to turn on. Simply you can contact us and our expert technician will reach your home to diagnose the issue and fix it right away.

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