Reliable LG AC Repair in Dubai

Reliable LG Air Conditioner Repair in Dubai

Your Trusted LG AC Repair, Maintenance and Installation Partner in Dubai

FAJ Technical Services LLC offers reliable LG AC repair, maintenance, and installation services in Dubai. We have a team of skilled and certified professionals, who are experts in split, windows and central air conditioning units manufactured by LG.

Don't let a malfunctioning AC disrupt your comfort. Trust our professional LG AC technicians for all your LG AC repair, maintenance, and installation needs.

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AC Maintenance

Select LG Air Conditioner Repairs

  • LG Central AC Repair in Dubai
  • CHW Chiller Air Condition Repair Dubai
  • LG Package Unit Air con Repair in Dubai
  • LG HVAC & Ducted Split AC Repair in Dubai
  • LG Multi Split, VRF AC Service in Dubai
  • LG Split AC Repair In Sharja
AC Service

Common LG Air Conditioner Issues

  • Insufficient Cooling or Airflow Restrictions
  • Water Leakage
  • Foul Odors or Strange Noises
  • Frozen Evaporator Coils
  • Thermostat Issues or Electrical Problems
  • Sensor Problems and General Maintenance
AC Service

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LG AC Maintenance Service in Dubai

Regular AC maintenance is necessary to keep your AC in a perfect functional state. Dubai is a city where temperature can rise up to 50°C. Therefore, it is important to keep your AC in pristine condition to have comfortable summers.

Our services encompass thorough inspection and cleaning of intake filters, condenser fins, and evaporator coils, as well as fixing leaks, clogs, and electrical connections. We also ensure optimal refrigerant levels and examine moving parts to prevent potential issues.

FAJ offers full-fledged LG AC maintenance service in Dubai. Our expert AC technicians complete every AC maintenance job with 100% customer satisfaction. We conduct a comprehensive inspection of your LG AC, providing you with a detailed report of what needs to be fixed, and then proceed with the required servicing and maintenance job.

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Emergency LG Air Conditioner Service in Dubai

AC problems can pop-up any time. It could be a compressor malfunctioning, sometimes even a faulty thermostat or a clogged coil can impact the air conditioner’s cooling performance.

FAJ is the most trusted AC repair company, providing emergency LG air conditioner service in Dubai. Our LG AC technicians are ready round-the-clock to provide you with repair and maintenance services for your windows, split and HVAC at your home and workplaces..

We understand the importance of your comfort and work tirelessly to ensure your LG AC is running smoothly again. Contact us to schedule your LG AC repair service and enjoy uninterrupted comfort in your home or office.

AC Repair Services in Dubai, UAE

Common LG Air Conditioner Problems: Troubleshooting Guide

Experiencing issues with your LG air conditioner? Relax! We've compiled a comprehensive list of common problems to help you troubleshoot and get your cooling system back on track.

Refrigerant Issue

Low coolant or gas leakage can reduce cooling efficiency in LG ACs. Prompt repair restores performance.

Poorly Functioned Fan

Properly working fans are vital for LG AC efficiency. Our experts swiftly diagnose and fix fan issues for your comfort.

Faulty Compressor

Regular maintenance keeps the compressor, essential for cooling, running smoothly in LG AC units.

Weak Cooling

Dirty filters, blocked vents, or low refrigerant levels may hinder LG AC cooling. Regular filter cleaning and airflow maintenance optimize performance.

Noisy Operation

Unusual noises like rattling or buzzing indicate potential issues in LG AC components. Tighten loose parts for quieter operation.

Leaking Water

Water leaks signal a clogged condensate drain or improper installation in LG ACs. Clear blockages and ensure correct installation to prevent damage.

Unresponsive Controls

Malfunctioning controls in LG air conditioning units may point to electronic board or sensor problems. Reset the unit and check connections for responsiveness.

Frequent Cycling

Constant cycling strains LG ACs and spikes energy bills. Regular coil cleaning and professional calibration maintain efficiency.

Ice Formation

Restricted airflow or low refrigerant levels can cause ice buildup in LG AC coils. Thaw and remove obstructions to prevent further icing.

Foul Odors

Musty odors indicate mold or bacteria growth in LG air conditioners. Regular cleaning and odor-neutralizing treatments keep air fresh.

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Professional LG AC Repair Dubai: Trusted by Dubai Residents

When it comes to professional LG AC repair services in Dubai, trust is paramount. That's why Dubai residents rely on FAJ Technical Services LLC expertise to keep their homes and businesses cool and comfortable year-round. Our team of skilled technicians is dedicated to providing best LG AC service, ensuring that your LG AC unit operates at peak performance.

With more than 13 years of experience serving the Dubai community, we've earned a reputation for reliability and excellence. Our satisfied customers attest to our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction. FAJ Technical Services have:

  • Trusted Reputation
  • Certified Technicians
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Quick Response
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

Don’t let your AC problem ruin your comfort. Trust our expert team for professional LG AC repair services in Dubai.

Call our Dubai LG AC repair staff at +971 50 7464712 and get your home/office cooling systems repaired with service warranty!

LG Air Conditioner Repair Services Include

  • LG Air Conditioning Repair

  • LG Air Conditioning Service

  • LG Air Conditioning Maintenance

  • LG Air Conditioning Fix

  • LG Air Con Repair

  • LG Air Con Service

  • LG Air Con Maintenance

  • LG Air Con Fix

  • LG Air Conditioner Repair

  • LG Air Conditioner Service

  • LG AC Maintenance in Dubai

  • LG Air Con Repair in Dubai

  • LG Air Con Service in Dubai

  • LG Air Con Maintenance in Dubai

  • LG Air Con Fix in Dubai

  • LG Air Conditioner Repair in Dubai

  • LG Air Conditioner Service in Dubai

  • LG Air Conditioner Maintenance in Dubai

  • LG Air Conditioner Fix in Dubai

  • LG AC Repair in Dubai

  • LG AC Service in Dubai

  • LG AC Fix in Dubai

  • LG Air Conditioner Maintenance

  • LG Air Conditioner Fix

  • LG AC Repair

  • LG AC Service

  • LG AC Maintenance

  • LG AC Fix

  • LG Air Conditioning Repair in Dubai

  • LG Air Conditioning Service in Dubai

  • LG Air Conditioning Maintenance in Dubai

  • LG Air Conditioning Fix in Dubai

Keep your home or Business Place Comfortable with LG Air Conditioning Cooling

We are expert in Central AC | Ducted Split AC Maintenance | HVAC | Package Unit AC | Centralize AC | CHW FCU Fan Coil Unit AC | Window AC | Cassette Type AC | Portable AC | Wall Mounted AC Maintenance | Split AC Maintenance | Ceiling AC Maintenance| VRF Variable Refrigerant Flow AC | Multi Split | AHU | FAHU

LG Air Conditioning Maintenance to Keep Your Cool

LG air conditioners (AC) are known for their efficient cooling capabilities, serving homes and businesses across the nation. With its flexible and durable performance, LG AC units stand out for their effectiveness in providing comfort even in the hottest climates. However, installing these heavy-duty air conditioners requires precision and expertise that only a professional team can provide.

At FAJ Technical Services LLC, we take pride in our skilled technicians who are trained to install LG AC units in the optimal position for maximum efficiency. Our staff ensure that your air conditioning system is installed correctly, guaranteeing you a consistently fantastic cooling experience.

LG air conditioning maintenance in Dubai is not something to be taken lightly; it requires wisdom, knowledge, and experience to ensure proper functioning and longevity of your air conditioning system. That's why FAJ Technical Services LLC has established itself as the go-to company for high-quality and reliable AC installation and repair services.

Contact us today for your LG air conditioner maintenance services. Dial +971 4 330 0002 to contact our LG AC repair experts!

LG Inverter AC Installation, Repair and Maintenance

The LG inverter AC stands as a reliable choice for apartments, houses, and business setups, offering swift and efficient cooling. However, even the most reliable systems may encounter performance issues due to various factors. While some issues, such as a non-functioning fan, may be easily identified by owners, others require specialized expertise to diagnose and resolve effectively.

FAJ Technical Services, with over 13 years of expertise in the UAE market, guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. Our team of professional AC repair experts is equipped to address all your inquiries and resolve any issues with your LG air conditioner, ensuring complete customer satisfaction!

Error Code And Error Type Of LG Inverter Air Con

Different kinds of errors your lg inverter would show when it needs a fix and maintenance. When a problem occurs in your air system or remote control error code would appear on the control panel display which will indicate to you about issues.

CH01, CH02, CH03, CH04, CH05

Depending upon your model type, size, and brand many other error codes can appear as well. FAJ is unbeatable in Dubai and renowned for identifying the exact error code your air conditioner experiencing. Then, immediately solve it and this is the reason our customers count on us for any quick rectification. So, instead of roaming and getting ripped off and wasting time be wise enough to contact a cutting-edge company. The performance of our team has always been mind-blowing and impressive enough that we have gained appreciation as well as a reputation all over Dubai.

Impressive LG Split Ac (Air Conditioner) Service In Dubai

LG split aircon has marvelous features and it is digitally programmed in a way that provides fast and fresh cooling. Though it is energy-saving, the best cooling Ac but like any other air con split air conditioning also requires optimal servicing. The challenging thing is to find the best air conditioner service-providing company in Dubai. Because many claim but few are top to prove it. To know if the company is reliable or not is by checking their team.

If their staff is specialized, technical and experienced and they are reputed it means you should consult them too for your help. For optimal ac repair in Dubai, we are always present and feel honored to help our customers.

We FAJ you can experience budget-friendly, warranted services for all types of air conditioning. We believe in top quality and reliability anything below that is not what we serve or consider. Therefore, residents of Dubai lean on us and look to us for impressive and rapid service of lg split air conditioning.

Simpler Yet Outstanding LG HVAC Repair (Service & Maintenance)

LG HVAC is famous for significant savings on bills and superior cooling quality. For this amazing technology, timely service and regular maintenance become a must. Because, the late you keep it servicing, fixing, or maintenance the bigger the problem of your air conditioning will become. Hence, to achieve desired and technically impressive outcomes on time help from an experienced team is more than necessary. For regular, simpler yet outstanding functions our team is top tier and trustworthy to deliver the best services. Or work has always been quiet and outstanding that no one can beat. We are just a ring away to assist you and unload your stress about your lg HVAC aircon.

Unparalleled LG Centralized Aircon (Ac) Installing In Dubai

In Dubai, to beat summer residents like to have a relaxed cooling environment. So, they can comfortably concentrate on their daily tasks and enjoy the cool air indoors. When it comes to installing centralized air conditioners a technical master mind team is highly desired. FAJ never compromises on quality, trust, and reliability and thus, has been top-ranked in Dubai for its excellent services. Whether it is installation, fixing, maintenance, or cleaning, from start to finish, our advanced, expert technicians renew the air conditioning that you ever desire.

Unlike others, our experts are quite efficient and well-skilled which provides unparalleled solutions. Which saves your wallet and perfectly satisfies you. For not only Lg ac repair in Dubai but also other services for their air conditioner residents rely on our expertise.

LG VRF System (Air Condition)

It is an advanced integrated technology that is excellent for high-rise buildings. Lg vrf is manufactured in a way to control humidity and heat, and spreading exceptionally high cooling. For lg VRF well-trained company is the suitable and best one which can provide its servicing, regular maintenance, and any fixing required. All this at minimal cost and in a prompt manner. You might be taking it as a dream or maybe impossible. However, your dream or exceptions can become true with FAJ. Yes, you read it right. FAJ is the one exceptional company in entire Dubai which provides you the top-tier, advanced, and unbeatable results. Our well-trained staff desirably accomplish high-quality results.

LG Ceiling Ducted Air Conditioner (Air Con)

In the global air condition market lg is a leading brand and so its air cons are. Ducted air conditioning is widely used in commercial and residential places. Unexpected trouble with the operation of your air conditioning signaling of issues your Ac has. To diagnose and troubleshoot those damages or problems expert needed. FAJ for this manner is considered phenomenal and amazingly reliable. For Lg ceiling ducted air conditioning we are always at your doorstep. Feel free to give us a call and our experts are honored to assist you in any way

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LG AC Repair FAQs

It depends upon the part or component of ac which is to be repaired. However, a specialized one takes maximum 1 to 2 hours.

Yes, it is considered excellent for cooling and a quality trusted equipment.


Stay comfortable all year round

Better air quality

Reduce humidity, pollen and dust

AC Repair Services in Dubai, UAE


Prevent damage to electronics and furnishings

Quiet and secure

No need to leave windows open