We will come out to your home or business place to do your Miele Fridge Repair in Dubai at a time that suits you. We complete most appliance services on the first visit.

Miele Fridge Repair in Dubai UAE


We will come out to your home or business place to do your Miele Fridge Repair in Dubai at a time that suits you. We complete most appliance services on the first visit.

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  • Telephone Number: +971 4 330 0002
  • WhatsApp Number: +971 50 746 4712
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  • The technical inspection fee covers diagnosis, transportation, re-installation in Dubai premises and the fee is not refundable.
  • This flat rate includes 1 or 2 appliances in the same place. The flat rate does not include the cost of parts.
  • Contact us: if you require a repair on a small appliance, such as a coffee machine or vacuum.
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Appliances Repair Services in Dubai UAE
  • Refrigerator, Fridge & Freezer Repair
  • Washing Machine / Dryer Repair
  • Dishwasher Repair
  • Cooker / Oven Repair
  • Other Appliances Repair

Miele appliances are known for their advanced technology and quality work. In our day-to-day life, we all are dependent upon electronic devices and therefore, their significance can never be ignored. Although Miele appliances are elegantly designed to perform efficiently and are long-lasting, still they can fall into some faults. Moreover, just like other electronic gadgets, Miele Domestic appliances get easily vulnerable to problems hence, an appropriate Miele appliance repair is pivotal. Because, we use home appliances every day, therefore, their cleaning, maintenance, and mending of any error must not be neglected.

If you own a Miele washing machine, oven, dryer, or any miele fridge repair in dubai / Miele household appliance and are in search of the best help to make it up and running again. Then FAJ Technical Services L.L.C ought to be your first choice. Because, we have been in the field of repairing, maintenance, and servicing since 2010, and possess high knowledge and experience to resolve any issue your appliance is encountering. Furthermore, our specialized personnel use state-of-the-art tools and the latest method to quickly identify the root of the problem, and efficiently fix it in no time.

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  • Washing Machine / Tumble
  • Dryer Washer & Dryer
  • Integrated Washing Machine
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  • Full Size Dishwasher
  • Slim line Dishwasher
  • Integrated Dishwasher
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  • Refrigerator, Fridge & Freezer
  • American Style Fridge Freezer
  • Integrated Fridge and Freezer
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  • Built-in Oven
  • Built-in Gas and Electrical Cooker
  • Free Standing Hob and Cooker

Multifarious Miele Appliance Repairs We Provide

We all love a functional kitchen and efficiently working electric machines. We are concerned about your expensive home appliances. Therefore, we want to help you to get your electronic devices running as soon as possible so you can enjoy your daily activities uninterpreted. Here are the manifold Miele appliance repairs our experienced team with their exceptional workmanship can deliver:

  • Miele fridge repair in Dubai
  • Miele washing machine repair in Dubai
  • Miele cooker repair in Dubai
  • Miele oven repair in Dubai
  • Miele Appliances maintenance in Dubai
  • Miele refrigerator fix repairs service

Household appliances are undoubtedly important and even a minor fault in them can feel big and take a lot of our time. Especially when your Miele microwave is not turning on and you want to bake chocolate cookies for your kids. Baking can take 5 to 10 minutes now, because of fault in it or neglected necessary repairs you are deprived of preparing those scrumptious chocolate wafers. Therefore, it is always recommended, with a minor error contact a professional and get your Miele appliance repairs done.

With the full range of repairing household appliances we deliver, we take pride to provide phenomenal installation and maintenance services as well.

Problems Of Miele Domestic Appliances We Are Skilled To Overhaul

FAJ is the name of trust and quality and our aim is to exceed customer satisfaction. We truly understand the importance of fully functional home appliances. Additionally, the pleasant experience of seeing all machines working at their best without any hassle lessens our many worries. Our skillful team gets to the root of the issue and quickly troubleshoots it.

Miele Washer repair problems we solve but not limited to:

These are some most common examples of problems customers complain about with their Miele white goods. The problem can be any, the major thing is the ability and experience of the technician to repair it.

  • The washing machine failed to drain
  • The hose or pump is clogged with dirt, debris, or a piece of small cloth
  • The drain spin cycle is not working
  • The washer is not starting
  • Strange sounds from white goods and jumping too much

Miele dryer troubleshooting we can do:

  • Replacement of vent line
  • Removal of built-ups of lint
  • Clogged vent pipe cleaning and repairing
  • After a diagnosis of the issue miscellaneous repair

Miele refrigerator repairs

  • Cleaning drain line
  • Repairing condenser fan
  • Mending faulty capacitor
  • Defrosting ice builds up
  • Replacing or repairing air damper seals
  • Fitting or replacement of door or door gaskets.

Miele cooktop repairs we execute

  • Miscellaneous repairs after diagnosing the issue
  • Cleaning of the burner of the cooker
  • Accurate adjustment of wiring and switches

Miele dishwasher issues we resolve

A dishwasher is the most convenient electric gadget to save time and keep oneself from being tired. However, because of daily use, an unusual fault can come up. Instead of panicking, contact us and we will help you right away. Our Miele appliance repairs service is leading in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. You can easily ring us for any assistance. Similarly, for non-functional ovens our experienced personnel are ready to help anytime. Get the exceptional service of Miele appliance repairs from us.

Why Us?

When it comes to well-reputed and highly professional work ethics, the name FAJ comes first. We are the finest choice of customers and the most convenient and affordable solution for all problems our clients encounter. Furthermore, our response to any issue is always rapid and our services are available 7 days a week. Our team of well-trained technicians always remains updated with innovative and advanced technology. So, no one can beat our domestic appliance services. Moreover, we are equipped and highly efficient enough to provide Miele appliance repairs. So, why wait? Call us today and get things done right in your home.


You can simply call us at 43300002 or email info@fajservices.ae and book your appointment.

Yes, it is quite mandatory to go for Miele washer maintenance. Because proper regular maintenance services keep it up and running for years.

It is 20 years, and with maintenance, lifespan increases.

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