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Easy, fast and professional ac maintenance services in Dubai for residential and commercial units.

We understand the importance of arriving on site promptly when an air conditioning failure affecting the vital systems has occurred, and people are relying upon it. We have expert, and experienced air con repair technician’s that ensure the best AC Maintenance Services in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We will also provide AC Maintenance Services in Dubai even if we did not install them. In 2010, 89% of our callouts resulted in the successful repair of failed units on our first visit. We also offer a warranty on every repair we undertake.

O General AC Service

O General air conditioner is considered one of the best leading brands in Dubai. It provides excellent cooling to the office or home. O General AC repair in Dubai requires expert help because only specialized ones know how to address aircon issues. We are a hassle-free air condition repair service provider. A perfect choice for your air conditioning (AC) installation, repairs, maintenance, and fixing. Since 2010 we are working, and FAJ Technical Services LLC is well-known and trusted by numerous residents of Dubai. For emergency repairs, you can always count on us we have the best team which provides all kinds of services you ever need.

When you browse through our website you shall find a wealth of information about all air con services we provide. In this hot climate, we look forward to serving you by providing refreshed, excellent cooling of your air conditioning (AC) that your heart desires for.

AC Repair Services in Dubai, UAE

The Leading O General AC Maintenance Company

Installing air conditioning is the most challenging thing to do. You cannot just trust anyone for your expensive O General air con installation. You need the help of experts to install your air con. Many claim that they are providing good services. However, few can prove it and FAJ is top among them. Why consider us? Because we are an old hand in installing different types and brands of air cons in residential and commercial places. We have been serving our customers all over Dubai since 2010, and they always got amazing and top-notch results. For O General AC repair we are the leading company and not only we are leading in repairing air conditioning but also in installing, maintaining, and fixing all types and brands of air conditioning.

O General Central Or Ducted Air con Fixing and Maintenance

No matter how much-boiling summer is the outdoors is. Indoors, you can always comfortably experience fresh and cooling air with your central air con. Whether you are working, studying, cooking, sleeping, or any tasks you are performing. If your O General ducted ac is cooling excellently that is all you want. Atmosphere of your commercial or residential place beautifully changes when your air conditioning is performing its best.

A Quality O General air con (AC) Deserves Quality Service

However, the reverse happens if outdoors is sweltering summer and indoor air conditioning has left your side or malfunctioning. A quality device/equipment always demands quality service. For proper fixing and regular technical maintenance of O General air conditioner, you can always lean on us because we are experts in our field. For a healthy and pleasant environment at home or office repairing, and routine maintenance of central air conditioning is essential. In hot climates, O General ac repair is pivotal to go for. Ignoring it can be difficult to tolerate when a blow of hot air hits in summer.

Most Common Issues Your O General AC Experience

If your air conditioning (Air con) is also facing these kinds of problems we are immediately available to assist you.

Water Leakage from AC Unit

Many people complain that their air conditioning unit is leaking water. The reason behind this fault is that the condensate pump is malfunctioning and the drain system is clogged. This is relatively a simple repair and our specialized team swiftly does its job. Clearing the drain system and repairing the condensate pump. Call us right away to get the comprehensive support of our professionals and get your O General AC repair in Dubai immediately.

Malfunctioned Performance of O General Air Con (AC)

If the air conditioning unit is not functioning the way it used to be when it was new. It simply means, that ac unit is not getting regular service. Or maybe some serious issue of refrigerant leakage and the unit is quite dirty. Sometimes, deep cleaning by experienced ones resolves the issue. However, a detailed investigation is required to address the exact fault. FAJ in this manner is considered the leading one in Dubai. Our team of expert professionals quickly investigates the faults in your Central O General air conditioning. If it is leakage, your air con experiencing we can fix it in no time. We potentially repair it and provide regular and quick maintenance also from beginning to end.

Poor Flow Of Air

A faulty ac machine leads to poor airflow and humidity. Potential adjustment significantly provides you with cool air and a fresh indoor environment. Give us a call to get amazing, comprehensive, and excellent results.

Comprehensive O General Ceiling Air Conditioning (AC) Service

In Dubai during summer temperature rises drastically. Therefore, to beat that high temperature an air con that cools down your room in a matter of minutes is vital. A new air conditioner does its functions but with time the same aircon demands a significant service. For wonderful and long-lasting servicing of your O General ceiling air conditioning, we are unbeatable and quite affordable. FAJ is present for your help!

Why People Choose FAJ Technical Services LLC In Dubai?

Our accuracy, reliability, swift delivery, and expert staff are always top-notch across Dubai. For that reason, all residents of Dubai depend upon us for their air conditioning service, fixing, maintenance, and installation. Whether you have O General central air con or O General Split air conditioner (AC). Our specialized team is experienced enough to make your AC significantly functional as it is new. Leave your AC service headache on us. It is our responsibility to take care of your air conditioning and give you pleasant and healthy cooling. To make your o general ac repair work smoothly, immediately, and effectively our specialized team is present.

Unbeatable Installing Of O General HVAC Air Conditioning

To achieve desired results accurate installation is a must. Sometimes, incorrect installing of HVAC or centralized air con does not cool the home or office it is designed to be. Hence, expert advice on installing these air cons and excellent repairing is necessary where needed. FAJ is dedicated and number one when it comes to the installation of O General HVAC or centralized air conditioning (AC).

Professional Installation Of O General HVAC Accelerates Airflow

Our team of skilled professionals installs your aircon in a way that accelerates powerful airflow. Delivering high and fresh cooling all over the office, or home is over priority. Most residents of Dubai lean on us for their O General AC repair, installation, fixing faults, and any maintenance of air condition. We have years of hands-on experience in bringing comfort to your doorstep with expert HVAC AC service, installation, and repairs. Thus, for the optimum cooling experience of your centralized air con rings us right away. We will be quickly available to repair your O general centralized ac.

Top O General Split Air Conditioner (AC) Repair In Dubai

A Plethora of reasons indicates that your O general air con needs proper repairing. O general ac repair in Dubai is not a piece of cake. It requires an expert and reliable team to handle the task. Faulty ac engine, clogged air filters, thermostat anomalies, lack of condensate drain, and the formation of ice on evaporator coils leads to difficulty in cooling. For O general ac repair people in Dubai rush towards FAJ because our customers know we are reliable ones. Our work is swift and efficient enough and does not incur any distraction to commercial or domestic space.

Perhaps your o general split air conditioner is not cooperating the way you want. In this soaring temperature you do not want to tolerate anything and looking to get a trustworthy, and immediate service. Then, instead of getting worried or feeling frustrated in hot climate call comfort at your place right away. We ensure to provide end-to-end service to your air conditioning at a fraction of the cost. Our well-trained team makes sure to give you a healthy refreshing cooling environment. We quickly perform repairing, maintenance, and fixing of o general split air con. Hence, you get what you have been waiting for (cool, pleasant air).


No, because the air con needs a little time to settle fluids in the cooling device.

The vital component of the air con is the compressor. It damages when debris or dust enters the condenser, and an individual keeps running the air conditioner. It is the major thing that destroys the compressor.

If your air condition throws hot air, water leaks, humidity, and not cooling the room even after half an hour.

O General Air Conditioner Repair Services Include

  • O General Air Conditioning Repair

  • O General Air Conditioning Service

  • O General Air Conditioning Maintenance

  • O General Air Conditioning Fix

  • O General Air Con Repair

  • O General Air Con Service

  • O General Air Con Maintenance

  • O General Air Con Fix

  • O General Air Conditioner Repair

  • O General Air Conditioner Service

  • O General AC Maintenance in Dubai

  • O General Air Con Repair in Dubai

  • O General Air Con Service in Dubai

  • O General Air Con Maintenance in Dubai

  • O General Air Con Fix in Dubai

  • O General Air Conditioner Repair in Dubai

  • O General Air Conditioner Service in Dubai

  • O General Air Conditioner Maintenance in Dubai

  • O General Air Conditioner Fix in Dubai

  • O General AC Repair in Dubai

  • O General AC Service in Dubai

  • O General AC Fix in Dubai

  • O General Air Conditioner Maintenance

  • O General Air Conditioner Fix

  • O General AC Repair

  • O General AC Service

  • O General AC Maintenance

  • O General AC Fix

  • O General Air Conditioning Repair in Dubai

  • O General Air Conditioning Service in Dubai

  • O General Air Conditioning Maintenance in Dubai

  • O General Air Conditioning Fix in Dubai

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