We will come out to your home or business place to do your Terim Appliances Service Dubai at a time that suits you. We complete most appliance services on the first visit.

Terim Appliances Service in Dubai UAE


We will come out to your home or business place to do your Terim Appliances Service Dubai at a time that suits you. We complete most appliance services on the first visit.

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  • Rapid Response (Normally Same or next day service)
  • Delivery 7 days a week Choose a day to suit you
  • Timing: Mon-Sat 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
    Sunday 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM
  • Telephone Number: +971 4 330 0002
  • WhatsApp Number: +971 50 746 4712
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Appliances Repair Services Technical Inspection Fee
  • The technical inspection fee is AED 157 covering diagnosis, transportation, re-installation in Dubai premises and the fee is not refundable.
  • This flat rate includes 1 or 2 appliances in the same place. The flat rate does not include the cost of parts.
  • Contact us: if you require a repair on a small appliance, such as a coffee machine or vacuum.
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Appliances Repair Services in Dubai UAE
  • Terim Cooking Range, Oven Repair
  • Terim Washing Machine, Dryer Repair
  • Terim Fridge & Freezer Repair Service
  • Terim Refrigerator Maintenance Dubai
  • Terim Dishwasher Repair Service Near me

Terim appliances are being used in several houses in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi (UAE). Although its appliances are considered innovative and effectively functional, with time Terim appliance repair servicing becomes a must. Moreover, be it your Terim washing machine or Terim oven they all require timely accurate repairing as well as maintenance to keep them optimally functional.

When it comes to quality Terim appliance repair services and reliability the only name that comes to mind is FAJ Technical Services LLC. Yes, being highly efficient and great attention to each detail we have earned a high reputation among residents of Dubai and other areas. Furthermore, we are your expert Terim appliance repair service provider. We complete most home appliance repairs with the first visit. We warranty domestic appliance repairs as well, This means that if the same problem occurs, we will come back and repair it again free of charge in the warranty period.

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  • Washing Machine / Tumble
  • Dryer Washer & Dryer
  • Integrated Washing Machine
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  • Full Size Dishwasher
  • Slim line Dishwasher
  • Integrated Dishwasher
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  • Refrigerator, Fridge & Freezer
  • American Style Fridge Freezer
  • Integrated Fridge and Freezer
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  • Built-in Oven
  • Built-in Gas and Electrical Cooker
  • Free Standing Hob and Cooker

Terim Products We Provide Repairing And Maintenance For

Being experienced, professional, and always the first choice of people in need of appliance repair. We have provided services to the following electronic products but are not limited to. No matter which appliance of brand, size, or type you have you are just a call away to get the outstanding and reliable services that no one can deny.

  • Terim built-in appliances
  • Terim Dryer
  • Terim white goods
  • Terim fridge
  • Terim hob
  • Terim oven
  • Terim washer dryer
  • Terim dishwasher
  • Terim microwave
  • Terim Electric cooker
  • Terim extractor hood
  • Terim freezer
  • Terim cooking range

With us, you can simply enjoy a hassle-free swift service and seamless, mind-blowing experience. We value your time and hard-earned money therefore, with a single call our highly-trained personnel reach your home and investigate the issue. Then, within no time, repair it at an economical rate. Moreover, we are specialists in fixing Terim electronic appliances and daily deal with the problems of appliances. Thus, we know how to make your life comfortable again so you can peacefully enjoy your daily activities without any worrying thoughts about your appliance malfunctioning.

Now, let’s discuss in a bit more detail the assistance our technical manpower has provided to address the issues and provided Terim appliance repair.

Terim Fridge Repair In Dubai

Fridge is considered an essential asset of a home. Without a fridge means food spoilage is quicker and more frequent. A non-functional refrigerator is equal to not having a refrigerator at all. You don’t want to imagine having your expensive, and scrumptious food get spoiled when you are famished and looking in your fridge to eat something. Getting on-time Terim appliance repair is a fundamental key to eliminating damage to Terim appliances at a most unexpected time and increases the lifespan of your electromechanical device. Here are a few issues your Terim fridge might going through;

Defect in the condenser fan

Each type of fridge contains a condenser fan that expels the hot air out of the refrigerator. Similarly, the Terim fridge has a condenser fan, the fault in the condenser device cannot release the hot air from the fridge and hence, it remains inside the fridge. Which restricts your foods from getting cold or fresh and thus, enhances the occurrence of bacteria and spoilage of cooked and uncooked food. Many people struggle with this problem and their wise decision has always been to contact FAJ. As we are experts in providing Terim fridge repair in Dubai, we clearly understand the importance of having an efficient running refrigerator. Additionally, our technically proficient staff is ready to assist you in your time of need.

Faulty start capacitor

The start capacitor in a Terim fridge gives a boost to a compressor to start up. Burnt out capacitor won’t help the compressor to commence. Hence, the refrigeration cycle won’t start to cool your cold storage box.

Broken down defrost system

Another cause of the lack of cooling of the Terim fridge is that the defrosted system is disordered. Two components of the defrost system are defrosted timer and defrost heater. The function of the defrost system is to control the cooling and defrost cycle. Fault in it leads to limiting the cooling capacity of the refrigerator.

No matter what’s the issue with your Terim fridge, a quick investigation by a professional and a swift, accurately executed repair of it will subdue all unnecessary burdens and further problems.

Terim Washing Machine Repair In Dubai & Optimal Terim Appliance Repair

Your clothes’ cleanliness depends upon the efficiency and effectiveness of your washing machine. If components of your Terim washing machine are not well-functional obviously, that will suppress the working capacity of your white goods. A few examples of the problems our experts have handled efficiently are:

  • Washing machine not draining properly or fully
  • The drain spin cycle is nonfunctional due to some defect in the washing machine
  • The vent pipe of the dryer of a washing machine is clogged
  • Blocked drain pump or hose because of debris or small piece of clothing
  • The washing machine is not starting
  • Unusual sound from the washer and it is moving too much

Let us take the responsibility of making your pricey Terim washing machine functional again like new. We are leading in delivering apt Terim appliance repair service to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. You also can enjoy our fantastic services in the comfort of your home. Our technical technician reaches your home on the appointed day and time and promptly resolves the issue with your appliance. FAJ is the name of quality and trust, so you can experience the difference with us. In addition to it, get outstanding Terim appliance repair easily.

Terim Oven Repair In Dubai

Almost 95% of people depend upon the oven to have a delicious meal in the comfort of their home. Not running a microwave leaves many dishearten when they have planned to bake chocolate cookies for their loved one or heat a scrumptious pizza to eat with colleagues or friends. If you only contact a wise and prompt technical expert for immediate help you can easily relish your favorite snacks.

Types of ovens we have treated

It does not matter what brand or size your oven has or what problem you are encountering with your oven. We are trained enough to mend everything expeditiously. Kinds of ovens we can repair but are not limited to;

  • Built-in oven
  • Electric oven
  • Gas oven and microwave

Terim Cooker Repair In Dubai

In today’s world, electric cookers are manufactured to provide suitability to everyone. The breakdown of a gas or electric cooker at most unexpected times when you direly need its help is nothing more than a nightmare. Moreover, an unpleasant experience ever. A defect in a cookstove delays your cooking often and hence, the taste of food also vanishes. Furthermore, faulty autoclaves either leave your food under-cooked or not cooked at all. Apart from that, an imperfectly maintained burner burns the food quite quickly. These problems limit your ability to cook using a pressure cooker.

If you are one of those struggling with these problems, wait no more and contact the top-rated Terim appliance repair service. Because we are skilled in delivering exceptional service of Terim cooker repair in Dubai therefore, you can be assured that your expensive electric cooker is in expert hands.

Terim Dishwasher Repair In Dubai

Dishwashers are considered the most convenient way to ease your life and save time. However, the opposite happens when a defect occurs in it. For your Terim appliances to work optimally the best thing is to consult a highly professional and experienced Terim appliance repair service provider. A faulty dishwasher does not look nice in the kitchen. Furthermore, on a busy day washing plenty of utensils on your own makes you exhausted as well as becoming a source of wasting your time. For your comfort contact better to get better.

Looking For a Reliable And Trustworthy Terim Appliance Repair Service? Contact Us

Where there is FAJ there is always quality and reliability. Since 2010, we have been serving clients and our highly technical personnel have been fully satisfying the clients with state-of-art technical services all over Dubai and other areas. Additionally, our trained experts take full responsibility to make your appliance recover again and function like when it was new. We aim to provide exceptional, detailed appliance fixing and maintenance to our customers.

We truly honor our customers and we highly value your money and time. Being the No.1 Terim appliance repair service deliverer we are being contacted by thousands of customers daily for any problem they are encountering. Because they trust us for quality, reliability, and efficiency, therefore, they count on us in time of need. We charge no hidden fees. Our prices for repairing, fixing, maintenance and servicing are quite affordable.

Furthermore, we believe in quality and long-lasting efficient product functionality. We are constantly striving to build a long relationship with our customers. Anytime you need help we are at your doorstep with only a single call. Be it a Terim appliance repair or fixing appliances of any other brand, FAJ is your friend in time of need. Moreover, our technically equipped staff remain up-to-date with modern technology and uses innovative tools and equipment to fix the issue and provide proper maintenance.


Booking an appointment with us is quite simple because we care about your time, therefore, we have designed a hassle-free way to schedule an appointment. You can easily call us at 43300002 or email info@fajservices.ae and book your appliance appointment.

Yes, regular or weekly maintenance of electric appliances keeps them from any unexpected issues. Therefore, cleaning and maintenance increase the lifespan of your Terim appliance more than you expected.

The best thing to do is to contact a professional company to discuss the issue and let the expert handle it. Trying to address it on your own can make your microwave even worse.

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