We Keep Customers Comfortable With Reliable Whirlpool AC Repair Maintenance Service in Dubai

AC Repair Services in Dubai UAE

We Keep Customers Comfortable With Reliable Whirlpool AC Repair Maintenance Service in Dubai

Easy, fast and professional ac maintenance services in Dubai for residential and commercial units.

We understand the importance of arriving on site promptly when an air conditioning failure affecting the vital systems has occurred, and people are relying upon it. We have expert, and experienced air con repair technician’s that ensure the best AC Maintenance Services in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We will also provide AC Maintenance Services in Dubai even if we did not install them. In 2010, 89% of our callouts resulted in the successful repair of failed units on our first visit. We also offer a warranty on every repair we undertake.

Whirlpool air con is considered best in terms of quality cooling performance and comfortability. However, this expensive Ac also requires adequate, reliable everyday maintenance to make it function for decades. If your air conditioner is showing some strange issues as well as different error codes. If you are looking to get a trustworthy, and best Whirlpool Air Condition repair in dubai. Then keep reading this piece of information because you will easily get all the answers to your questions.

AC Repair Services in Dubai, UAE

Misconception About Of Split Whirlpool Aircon That Are Costing You More Than You Think

Let’s start with some common myths that most homeowners believe in, and are costing you more money than you expect.

Air Conditioning is a Cause Of Summer Cold

Air con has never been and can never be a reason for your summer cold. Dirty air filters clogged with dirt, debris, and other organic material become a reason for the continuous cough. You might also have noticed that when you turn on your A/c without serviced whirlpool air condition you experience cold and cough instead of getting fresh, cool air.

This is because your Ac machine is struggling with an iced evaporator coil that is not cleaned or serviced. Additionally, the air filter is packed with dirt and this dust-through filter comes inside your home. And making it difficult for you to breathe fresh air. Calling an expert company will first check your Whirlpool split air conditioner’s evaporator coils and filter. Then fix the issue so you can get the desired, healthy cooling. Getting the best Whirlpool Air Condition repair in dubai is what makes a difference.

Aircon Won’t Have to work as Much if You Keep the Ceiling Fan Turned On

The majority of people assume that, if the ceiling fan keeps running then the air condition won’t have to work more. That is another myth because a ceiling fan does not increase the efficiency of your air con. It is just there to circulate the air which is already in the room.

It Does Not Matter Where The Thermostat Is Located

For the prompt and effective performance of your Whirlpool air conditioning, the correct placement of the thermostat matters a lot. A wrongly placed thermostat to detect the temperature of the room. Moreover, it will save energy and money as well. Because Ac will keep running and energy bills will be increasing but you won’t get the desired cooling. A well-placed thermostat easily reads the temperature and meets the cooling requirements of the room.

It Is Ok To Not Replace Air Filters For A Year

This is another misconception among homeowners about air condition. Accumulation of dust, dirt, and mold in air filters forces Split AC units to work harder. This causes significant use of electricity and hence energy bills increase steadily. By acting as a reservoir for dust, dirt, and other airborne particles clogged air filters make them circulate back in indoor air. Thus, makes air quality worse and vulnerable to health issues. Better to consult the experienced Whirlpool Air Condition repair in dubai service provider and get things to be done right.

Whirlpool Split Air Conditioning Error Codes

If you see these or other faults codes on your Whirlpool air con then, you do not need to get anxious. They just show the specific problem with your A/c. It is always recommended to call experts in the field right away rather than trying to fix it on your own. Because an inexperienced person can damage the air conditioner more and can cost you even more. Talk with the outstanding service provider of Whirlpool Air Condition Repair in Dubai.

  • Error Code: E2
  • Error Code: E4
  • Error Code: E5
  • Error Code: E6
  • Error Code: EE
  • Error Code: F0
  • Error Code: F1
  • Error Code: F2
  • Error Code: F3
  • Error Code: F4
  • Error Code: F5
  • Error Code: H3
  • Error Code: H4
  • Error Code: H6
  • Error Code: H7

These and several other error codes indicate issues with the AC unit. Always seek professional help to get desired outcomes.

Whirlpool Window Air Conditioning (AC) Installation

Whirlpool window aircon takes comfort and caring to the next level. Therefore, several homeowners and commercial places have whirlpool window Ac. Proper installation of whirlpool air conditioning delivers several benefits to you. However, the reverse happens if incorrect installation is done. The most common issue with Whirlpool split air conditioners is the leaky ducts and poor airflow. It is also advisable to install your air conditioner accurately the first time. This will save you from many unknown and unwanted issues.

If you bought a new window air con and got it installed but after installing you are not getting what you wanted. Chances are the window air conditioner is not properly placed or the location of installation of A/c is wrong. Therefore, you are experiencing bad results. Always make sure to get in contact with a reputable company because they know how and where to install the Whirlpool air conditioner. So, the cool air evenly distributes in the whole home or office. Likewise, for absolute Whirlpool Air Condition repair in dubai specialized ones bring the desired outcomes.

Call Us For Unbeatable Whirlpool Ac Services

FAJ Technical Services LLC is the most reputed and best air condition service provider. Our biggest attribute is, we do not only fix the issue that your aircon is experiencing currently. But we also make sure to fix it the way it does not go through future problems. Our team of professionals frequently examines to ensure everything is in working order. We provide our services at a reasonable cost and our FAJ team is efficient as well as skillful to get things done perfectly.

We have the most up-to-date tools and equipment not only that but quite knowledgeable and experienced on how to use them. There’s a lot more to air condition fixing and maintenance than just unplugging and replugging a couple of wires.

Why Opt For FAJ?

We are the focus and priority of residents when it comes to Whirlpool Air Condition repair in Dubai. Determining the harmful issue or a specific problem with the air con is not a simple job. Only experts have the expertise to diagnose the exact fault and repair it. After all, your spendy Ac is a complex machinery, therefore, only an experienced company should take responsibility to make it in working order once again. Instead of contacting a novice who has no experience or knowledge of air conditioning servicing. Better to talk to us and let us handle things and get it right for you. Because we do care about your expenses and time.


To book an appointment you can call us at 043300002 or to know more about our AC services. Our team is accessible from 8 am to 6 pm (Dubai time) for emergency AC repair needs.

We provide AC repair and maintenance services across the UAE, serving both commercial and residential customers. Our comprehensive range of services ensures that no matter where you are located within the country, you can rely on F A J for top-tier AC solutions.

R32 refrigerant is used in Whirlpool air con

Turbo mode in whirlpool air conditioning activates fast cooling and increases re-freshness.


Stay comfortable all year round

Better air quality

Reduce humidity, pollen and dust

AC Repair Services in Dubai, UAE


Prevent damage to electronics and furnishings

Quiet and secure

No need to leave windows open