We Keep Customers Comfortable With Reliable Coleman AC Repair Maintenance Service in Dubai

AC Repair Services in Dubai UAE

We Keep Customers Comfortable With Reliable Coleman AC Repair Maintenance Service in Dubai

Coleman Air Con has become a household necessity. Just like every other appliance it is also an indispensable thing and its major job is to provide homeowners adequate cooling. However, with time like other air conditioners, Coleman AC Repair in Dubai is crucial as well.

Every air conditioning is an investment and if you want to get most of your disbursement into your cooling system. The proper repairs and routine checkups are a must. To avail of the best Coleman AC Repair in Dubai, you must contact an experienced and well-known company. FAJ Technical Services LLC is always present and more than happy to assist you in all your air conditioner servicing.

AC Repair Services in Dubai, UAE

Cons Of Having Wrong Installation Of Air Con- Coleman AC Repair in Dubai

There are no advantages to installing an air conditioner in the wrong place or the incorrect position. Putting your expensive air condition in the wrong place has the following cons;

Uneven Distribution Of Cooling In Home or Office

Uneven installation leads to uneven distribution of cool air in the entire home or office. Some rooms will be too cold while others may be too hot because cooling is not spreading accurately. Thus, many people think that maybe Ac is now old or needs cleaning. However, they do not know what exactly is the issue.

Increased Energy Bills

Another consequence of improper Ac installation is energy bills will drastically increase. Because your air conditioner is on but not cooling instead, increasing humidity. Your air con will have to work harder to cool the home which will use more energy and cost you more than you expect.

Dry Air Circulates

Poor installation hampers the circulation of cool, gentle air in the whole home hence, air quality starts decreasing, and dry air increases. Consistent dry air in a room can lead to health issues. Therefore, it is better to take action quickly and get your centralized air con installed at the right position by an experienced team.

Disturbing Sound

An incorrectly installed inverter makes a strange lot more noise than a correctly installed one. For instance, loose insulation or the wrong installation of Coleman Aircon cause a whistling noise. The compressor also creates buzzing noise. These consistent noises can be so annoying for your sleep and your work. Thus, hampers your focus on your daily tasks.

HVAC Air Conditioner Won’t Last Longer

You exactly read it right. Another drawback of wrong installation steadily stops your HVAC aircon function. Inappropriate installation of air conditioning wear and tear on components. This causes costly repairs or entire replacement of air conditioning.

A Fire Hazard

Some people take the poor installation of Ac very lightly and hence do not bother to get specialized help. Refrigerant leak becomes faster and becomes the cause of sudden serious fire hazards. This happens because the aircon unit gets overheated which causes failure of the A/c unit and bursting. It is always wise to make sure that your air conditioning is set properly. Coleman AC repair in Dubai is also important to finish timely and accurately to reduce your energy bills.

False Installation Raises Humidity

Have you ever noticed that when you turn your inverter to get some cool, soft air so your sweating gets removed? And you enjoy the sweet cool air with your loved ones. However, instead of this reverse happens and your Coleman air conditioning system throws humid air. The major reason behind this scenario is the wrong installation of your central Ac. One drawback is the poor installation of air con which leads to several other disadvantages such as air filters easily getting clogged with dirt. Hampers the function of evaporated coils and steadily increases humidity. Thus, you experience more humid air than cool airflow. Humidity becomes a significant way for the growth of molds and mildews.

Error Codes Your Coleman Split Air Conditioning Showing

Every air conditioner shows different error codes according to its type, size, brand, and model. Here are some of the Coleman split A/c fault codes which indicate issues within your Ac machine.

  • Code: E7
  • Code: E1
  • Code: E14
  • Code: F12
  • Code: F1
  • Code: F12
  • Code: F22
  • Code: F3
  • Code: F19
  • Code: F4
  • Code: F8
  • Code: F21

Only an expert technician can tell you the exact error code, what it means as well as how to overcome it. Moreover, contacting a specialized team of professionals will save your day, money, and effort. This spendy Colman split air con should only be in the hands of professionals because they know how to take care of it and repair it on time.

Maintenance Of Coleman Ducted Ceiling Air Condition (Ac)

Maintaining the Ac engine properly and routinely is the key to keeping your air conditioner running for decades. Calling an experienced company is a better decision because they know how to diagnose, check, examine, and repair your air con. Maintenance of the Coleman air conditioner daily increases the cool airflow around the whole home. As well as keeps the refrigerant in check, maintains the evaporator coils, and keeps them from damage. Coleman AC Repair in Dubai is highly important too to keep your Ac unit working efficiently.

Do Not Settle For Subpar Air Con Service, Call FAJ Technical Services LLC

We have discussed in detail, what happens when you get the wrong installation of your air conditioner. To make things settle again, likely can cause you more than you think. Therefore, always choose the right and well-reputed company to get your air conditioning installed for the first time. Do not settle for the below quality, contact us today to get the best and unbeatable results. We are tech-savvy and remain updated with cutting-edge technology. In air conditioning technology, several advancements have taken place in recent years.

We have a professional, experienced, and well-trained team that does exactly the unmatched work. Instead of trying to fix your air con issues on your own, ask FAJ to assist you. We provide all kinds of services, from routine maintenance to quick fixes of problems, repairing any component promptly and accurately. Our professionals take confidence to provide exceptional Coleman AC Repair in dubai.

Why FAJ?

FAJ is like no other, yes you read it right. People choose us for numerous reasons and that is why we have gained immense popularity in Dubai.

  • We have been in the field of air conditioning services since 2010.
  • Our team has years of experience and advanced training to get the job done superbly and promptly.
  • We have proper, advanced tools and equipment to get the work done excellently
  • We help you to choose the correct system for your home or office and ensure that it is installed precisely.
  • FAJ provides you with a warranty on our services and hence we are quite reliable and easy to get in touch with.
  • All of our servicing is so reasonable that will happily amaze you and give you complete satisfaction that your air con is going to be newer and run efficiently.


You can easily call us at 43300002 or email us at info@fajservices.ae

  • Electric control failure
  • Improper maintenance
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Sensor issues

Routine maintenance, checking refrigerant leaks, and servicing make it work quite colder.


Stay comfortable all year round

Better air quality

Reduce humidity, pollen and dust

AC Repair Services in Dubai, UAE


Prevent damage to electronics and furnishings

Quiet and secure

No need to leave windows open